Webby Rankings December 14, 2020

The 2020 International Webby Winner Index

This year's International Webby Winner Index highlights the top-performing companies in key countries from the 24th Annual Webby Awards.

IN ITS THIRD YEAR, our annual International Webby Winner Index showcases the teams and companies around the world creating the highest caliber of work for the Internet. The data-based project highlights the top-performing countries from the 24th Annual Webby Awards (2020), and the top companies ranked in each respective country. In addition, we’ve highlighted one piece of work created by each of the featured companies. See the full breadth of their projects in the Winners Gallery + Index including, project partners, the talent behind the work and insights across all of the work.  Sign up for an account today.

HOW IT WORKS: We analyzed which countries outside of the U.S. produced the highest performing work entered into the 24th Annual Webby Awards, and the top five companies within them. *Countries are listed with the highest-performing countries top to bottom.

Best of The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom was the top-performing market in the 24th Annual Webby Awards, with BBC leading the pack. Visual storytelling produced in the market continue to earn top recognition across Video and social Categories, including work from new winners like Gripping Films.

1. BBC BBC Ideas – Short Films for Curious Minds, Science & Education (Video)

2. Culture Trip | America’s First Cannabis Cafe, Culture & Lifestyle (Social)

3. 4Creative | The End of the Fucking World, Television & Film (Social Series & Campaigns)

4. Gripping Films | #NatureNow, Public Service & Activism (Video)

5. iCandi Apps | Night Sky, Best User Experience (Apps, Mobile and Voice)

Best of Sweden

It’s no secret that the advertising industry in Sweden produces some of the smartest marketing in the world. In the 24th Annual Webby Awards, Swedish agencies and creative studios swept media and craft categories, with NordDDB earning honors across Best Used of Earned Media and Best Use of Online Media, as well as Goodbye Kansas Studios’ honor in Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics.

1. NordDDB Face the Hidden Facts, Best Use of Online Media (Advertising)

2. Forsman & Bodenfors | The E.V.A. Initiative, Brand Strategy (Advertising)

3. Goodbye Kansas Studios | Cyberpunk 2077, Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics (Advertising)

4. HiQ Göteborg AB | LEGO House Mini Chef, Experience Marketing (Advertising)

5. B-ReelOur Planet, Television & Film (Websites)

Best of Denmark

Following Sweden is Denmark’s advertising industry. & Co. showed that it’s home to the industry’s best copywriters. For the second year in a row, the agency both ranked first in Denmark and earned recognitions for Best Writing in Advertising. Denmark earned less honors this year across games, compared to the 2019 and 2018 index. Many creative teams centered “purpose” in their work, with projects like Granyon’s The Third Strike Campaign and Unmasking a Racist Agenda by Hjaltelin Stahl.

1. & Co. The Lift, Best Writing (Video)

2. Hello Monday Alan Menken, Best Visual Design (Apps, Mobile, and Voice)

3. GranyonThe Third Strike Campaign, Activism (Websites)

4. SPACE10 The Urban Village Project Microsite, Architecture & Design (Websites)

5. Hjaltelin Stahl | Unmasking a Racist Agenda, Best Use of Social Media (Advertising)

Best of Canada

Canada’s agencies outshine media industry: Agencies received the most honors in the 24th Annual Webby Awards, compared to organizations like CBC and the National Film Board receiving the most in the 23rd Annual Webby Awards. Also, pharmaceutical advertising work also dominated Canada, with honors for A.K.A New Media Inc. and Klick Health.

1. FCB/SIX | Go Back to Africa, Social Media Campaign (Advertising)

2. A.K.A New Media Inc, Health (Websites)

3. FCB Toronto Stage Your Driveway, Best Media Strategy

4. Klick Health | Kindness is Contagious, Corporate Social Responsibility (Video)

5. Kelly&Kelly | AFTERSHOT: An App to Help Cowardly Politicians Talk About Gun Control, Best Writing (Video)

Best of Australia

Australia’s leading agencies and studios showed out at the 24th Annual Webby Awards by experimenting with new technologies. In both the 2020 and 2019 indexes, Aussie agencies earned recognition in categories like Best Use of AR, Best Use of Interactive Video, and more. Streamtime, the project management software broke out as the first brand to rank in Australia’s index.

1. Leo Burnett Melbourne Silent Whistle, Connected Products & Wearables (Apps, Mobile and Voice)

2. PHORIA REWILD Our Planet, Best Use of AR (Video)

3. Ogilvy Sydney Michelin Impossible, Viral Marketing (Advertising)

4. Wabi Sabi Studios Lost & Found, Animation (Video)

5. Streamtime Streamtime, Web Services & Applications (Websites). 5. SCA Paintings That Speak, Education & Reference (Voice). 5. Made Together Good on You | , Fashion & Beauty (Websites)

Best of The Netherlands

MediaMonks maintain their place: For the third year in a row, the production company ranked first in The Netherlands, earning honors in inaugural Immersive & Mixed Reality categories, and more. Another key insight is that Dutch creative shops lead mobile experiences honored at The Webby Awards. From Studio Dumbar to DPDK’s Nike Reactor in the 23rd Annual Webby Awards, creative teams in The Netherlands are crafting unique, experimental digital experiences.

1. MediaMonks | “Spacebuzz VR Education Programme for Kids,” Entertainment, Immersive & Mixed Reality (Video)

2. Studio Dumbar | DEMO – Design in Motion Festival, Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics (Websites)

3. 72andSunny Amsterdam Lynx 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Foam – THE BALLS, Experimental (Video)

4. Born05 iFly KLM 2020, Best Practices (Websites)

5. Google Google Tulip, Comedy (Video)

Best of Russia 

Russian organizations experienced a breakthrough year at the 24th Annual Webby Awards. RT ranked first in the country with projects like Lessons of Auschwitz and #Romanovs100: AR Photo Album. Russia’s advertising industry also showed out this year, with three agencies earning recognition during the last Webby Awards.

1. RT#Romanovs100: AR Photo Album, Best Use of Augmented Reality (Video)

2. Red Collar Save Whales, Green (Websites)

3. Voskhod Agency Putin Turns on the Rain, Best Use of Online Media (Advertising)

4. BBDO Russia Group Perfect Search, Best Media Strategy (Advertising)

5. TNT Broadcasting Network DANCE-OFF TIKTOK, Arts & Entertainment (Social)