The 25th Annual Webby Awards May 18, 2021

Webby Awards XXV: How to Watch the Virtual Show

Webby Awards XXV, the star-studded virtual show hosted by Jameela Jamil on May 18th is now available to watch! Here's how to experience the fun.

Webby Awards XXV, hosted by Jameela Jamil, is an incredible virtual show celebrating the Winners of the 25th Annual Webby Awards! The event will be filled with hallmark 5-Word Speeches, special guest appearances, the crowning of The All-Time Best Webby 5-Word Speech and more.

Below you can find details on what to expect on the big day, including a guide on how to create a great 5-Word Speech if you are crowned a Webby Winner.

Winners Announcement

Tuesday, May 18th at 8:00am ET:

All Winners for the 25th Annual Webby Awards will receive an official email notification listing the details of their win.

Winners should get their speeches ready: During the virtual show, all Winners will have a special moment to record and share their 5-Word Speech. Before the show starts winners will record and upload their 5-Word Speech.

Webby Awards XXV: The Virtual Show

The celebration, hosted by the multi-talented actress, writer, podcaster, host and advocate Jameela Jamil is NOW LIVE at

Enjoy the Internet’s Biggest Celebration! 

This is a big year for The Webby Awards—our 25th anniversary. We can’t wait to share this special virtual experience with Webby Winners and across the Internet! If you have additional questions about the show and what to expect, please reach out to Webby Producer Denise Gilley at


Below are a few reasons you’ll want to tune in at