LISTEN: Webby Podcast April 6, 2017

S1 Ep. 3: Carter Cleveland, Founder & CEO of Artsy

Carter Cleveland talks to us about the Internet's impact on the art world and the role of Artsy in collection and discovery.

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In episode three, host David-Michel Davies sits down with Carter Cleveland, Founder & CEO of Artsy.

Founded in 2009 out of Carter’s Princeton University dorm room, Artsy has now become one of the largest resources for art collection and discovery, boasting a database of over 500,000 works from over 50,000 artists.

David-Michel and Carter discuss the Internet and Artsy’s tangible effects on the art world, how the company is using data to map the entirety of the visual arts, and the promise of drone photography and virtual reality art work in the coming decade.

The investors always told me no one would ever buy art online.”
— Carter Cleveland Founder & CEO of Artsy

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