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Everything You Think Is True

The Webby Awards team is traveling the world on our Webby Talks Tour with this year’s theme “Everything You Think Is True.” Read more below!

Every year, The Webby Awards team looks at our extensive body of entries and our own industry research to determine emerging trends on the Internet and how they’re impacting our lives and work.

This year we’re traveling the world with our newest Webby Talk: “Everything You Think Is True: How the Internet has fragmented our collective reality, and why that’s not (entirely) a bad thing.”

If the title sounds familiar, that’s because it was Webby Lifetime Achievement Winner Prince’s 5-Word Speech at the 2009 Webby Awards (see below).

In addition to being a brilliant speech by the inimitable Prince, it’s also a comment on the state of the Internet today. As we explored over 13,000 entries and a survey conducted in partnership with YouGov of 3,000 people across the U.S., we recognized an overarching theme: That we’re living at a time where the Internet has the power to shape each and every individual’s perception of what’s real—but how the same tools that are ushering in an age of misinformation, “fake news,” and more, also hold the keys to a future where “reality” adapts to meet individual needs.

Our Webby Talks Tour schedule is filling up fast. Find out more and check out our schedule to see when we’ll be in your city—and reach out to emma@webbyawards.com to request a Talk at your office!

👁 Webby Winners Interpret “Everything You Think Is True”

This year to coincide with our Webby Talks Tour, we’ve also launched an Instagram campaign featuring Webby Winners’ interpretations of our theme “Everything You Think Is True.”

Every week we’ll feature a different winner on our Instagram, including SuperDeluxe, Van Jones, Dress Code, LEGO, GIPHY, Dots, MediaMonks, and many more.

Follow @thewebbyawards on Instagram!

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