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Webby Underdogs: 9 Up-and-Comers That Took Home Big Webby Wins

Right rail, webby 24 final entry deadline

A celebration of the moments when a “Webby underdog” beat out big-name brands and companies for the Webby in their categories.

Every year, Webby Winners span the full Internet spectrum: from major global enterprises to startups to individual creators. That’s because all it takes to win a Webby Award is to make truly creative, amazing work on the Internet.

In that spirit, we’re calling out some Webby Underdogs: Up-and-coming companies that were up against some serious competition in recent Webby Awards and went on to win the Webby glory. (Like the System Era Softworks, pictured.)

See their work below, and enter your own in the 24th Annual Webby Awards before the Final Entry Deadline on Friday, December 20th! 

Ready to join the best of the Internet? The Webby Awards Final Entry Deadline is Friday, December 20th. Enter now at

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