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2014 Honoree


General Excellence Categories
Best Photography & Graphics

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  • CCO
    Eric Schoeffler
  • CCO
    Jason Romeyko
  • CD
    Veit Moeller
  • CD
    Nils Haseborg
  • Art Director
    Andrew Morgan
  • Art Director
    Jacopo Biorco
  • Copy
    Alice Bottaro
  • Copy
    Marc Luedemann
  • Account Manager
    Nina Stegmann
  • Account Manager
    Annika Glander
  • Account Manager Digital
    Amy Still
  • Account Manager Digital
    Sheelin Conlon
  • Planning
    Paulo Carvajal
  • Planning
    Gordon Euchler
  • Production Company
  • Agency Producer
    Manuel Wecker
  • Audio Production
    Studio Funk
  • Business Leader
    Daniela Hofmann
  • Business Leader
    Clare Shaw
  • Post Production
    Mr:BOB Films
  • TV Producer
    Alexia Stingl
  • Production
    Rupert Bryant
  • Production
    Louisa Edwards
  • Production
    James Niklasson
  • Director
    Kelvin Hutchins

About the Best Photography & Graphics category

Social media experiences that prominently feature the use of photography (fashion, sports, humor, art, etc.) or incorporate the use of graphics (infographics, graphic design, etc.). Platform agnostic—enter any and all social media that best exemplify your work.

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