Nominee - And is Better
2015 Nominee

And is Better

General Excellence Categories
Best Photography & Graphics


  • Chief Creative Officer
    Toby Barlow
    Team Detroit
  • Executive Creative Director
    Scott Lange
  • Creative Director
    Anita Salomon
  • Art Director
    Tony Wolski
  • Art Director
    Alex Leonard
  • Art Director
    Dave Cilibraise
  • Art Director
    Daniela Ponce
  • Art Director
    Ross Kurtis
  • Art Director
    Annie Zack
  • Copywriter
    Jenna Przybycien
  • Copywriter
    Lana Goodrich
  • Copywriter
    Adam Burkett
  • Animator/Photographer
    Dave Graw
  • Animator/Photographer
    Joe Vaughnn
  • Illustrator/Designer
    Jason Smith
  • Illustrator
    Martin Scmeitzter
  • Illustrator
    John Cantino
  • Illustrator
    Teagan White
  • Illustrator
    Mike Baker
  • Illustrator
    Julene Harrison
  • Illustrator
    Chuck Anderson
  • Illustrator
    James Roep
  • Design Director
    Michele Silvestri
  • Project Manager
    Rob Veresh
  • Associate Design Director
    Christine Jones
  • Design Studio
    The Park | Team Detroit

About the Best Photography & Graphics category

Social media experiences that prominently feature the use of photography (fashion, sports, humor, art, etc.) or incorporate the use of graphics (infographics, graphic design, etc.). Platform agnostic—enter any and all social media that best exemplify your work.

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