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Just ROO it!

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Just ROO it!

  • "Never be scared of being creative and chasing goals that at first seem impossible to reach."

  • More Than 5 Words

    What inspired you most to follow your dreams/vision while working on this project?
    The chance of being able to remind people how simple and fun running used to be – and still can be, inspired us most. And daring to pick a fight with one of the titans of the sports industry was an exciting challenge and opportunity as well.

    What made your project stand out in your industry/field and unique from the rest? What obstacles did that present and how did you overcome them?
    For a niche sneaker brand like KangaROOS, hijacking big guy Nike’s channels was definitely a good way to stand out. Tagging an actual kangaroo was a real adventure never done or imagined before by any other brand (or maybe even another human being), and we took it until our last breath. Besides that, mocking Nike by ‘inventing’ a spoof wearable device and selling it as part of the campaign on a crowd-funding website, we think was a rather smart move.

    When did you first know that this work was going to be something special?
    Whenever a David, like KangaROOS, asks people to prank a Goliath, like Nike, you already get a lot of buzz.

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Social media accounts created or executed on behalf of an organization/institution or brand that are devoted to disseminating information about health and fitness and/or to promoting health-and-fitness related products or services. Platform agnostic.




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