Nominee - Phallaina
2016 Nominee


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  • Director and illustrator
    Marietta Ren
  • Producer
    Pierre Cattan
    Small Bang
  • Producer
    Alexandrine Stehelin
    Small Bang
  • Assistant director
    Martin Bessin
    Small Bang
  • Technical Director
    Christophe Da Silva
  • Animator
    Julien Baret
  • Sound designer
    Côme Jalibert
  • Graphic Designer
    Benmussa David
  • Project Leader
    Segolene Zaug Zaug
    France Télévisions nouvelles écritures
  • Head of nouvelles écritures
    Voyelle Acker
    France Télévisions nouvelles écritures
  • Marketing and communication manager
    Allard Antoine
    France Télévisions nouvelles écritures

About the Entertainment category

Mobile sites, or apps developed for the distribution of entertainment content, such as sports, games, news, gossip, humor and reviews. These may be offshoots of established broadcast or online news and entertainment operations, or developed specifically for the mobile device.

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