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Describe your Webby-nominated project. What’s the elevator pitch?

In 1978, Gilbert Baker created the rainbow flag. In 2017, the artist and activist passed away.

To honor the memory of Gilbert Baker, we decided to give his flag a voice. So we created “Gilbert” a font inspired by the iconic Rainbow flag.

And what started as a tribute to Gilbert, ended up becoming a powerful tool for the whole LGBTQ community, politicians, media outlets, and supporters worldwide to positively impact society, express love, hope, pride, and inclusion.

The Gilbert font ultimately lets everyone raise the Rainbow Flag with every letter they type.

Why this particular cause as the subject of your project/campaign? Was there a moment that inspired it?

When Gilbert Baker passed away NewFest (New York’s LGBT Film & Media Art Organization) and NYC Pride wanted to honor his memory.

Type with Pride was developed to celebrate Mr. Baker by translating the strength of his rainbow flag, one of the world’s most powerful cultural symbols, into text.

The ""Gilbert"" font has become a powerful tool to support the causes Gilbert Baker always fought for.

What concerns were there about pursuing this idea? How did you get past them?

Our challenge was to come up with an idea that could translate the power of Gilbert Baker’s Rainbow Flag into a tribute and also allowed his work as activist to be continued.

The Rainbow Flag was literally sewn together for a rally and then went on to become an omnipresent symbol of freedom and liberation. But, what if we could use creativity and technology to dissect this iconic flag and turn its stripes, shapes and colors into a typeface?

The “Gilbert” font allows the flag to speak and gives the LGBTQ community and its supporters a way to positively impact the world with words of love, hope and inclusion.

What was the most rewarding aspect of working on your project? What did you learn in the process that you didn't know/expect going into it?

We feel we created something special that honored Gilbert Baker and his iconic flag.

Gilbert believed the rainbow flag “belongs to the people” and it has since become a ""free"" and open symbol of pride. We wanted our project to echo this so we made the Gilbert font available to everyone for free.

The project was celebrated globally. Media outlets, enthusiasts, and politicians (including former Vice President Joe Biden) embraced the font to show support. The LGBTQ community made the font its own voice with 84 million impressions and over 70k font downloads.

Entertainment Weekly used the Gilbert font in the design of its LGBTQ Pride issue and Wire Mag called Gilbert “a font of our times.”


  • Chief Creative Officer Alfonso Marian Ogilvy New York
  • Creative Director Bastien Baumann Ogilvy New York
  • Creative Director Rodrigo Moran Ogilvy New York
  • Creative Director Chris Rowson Ogilvy New York
  • Associate Creative Director Artur Lipori Ogilvy New York
  • Associate Creative Director Caro Rebello Ogilvy New York
  • Designer Robyn Makinson Ogilvy New York
  • Designer Justin Au Ogilvy New York
  • Designer Dave Towers Ogilvy New York
  • Designer Youri Hwang Ogilvy New York
  • Designer Grina Choi Ogilvy New York
  • Typographer Robyn Makinson Ogilvy New York
  • Writer Kien Quan Ogilvy New York
  • Director, Digital Production Akiko Nakashima Ogilvy New York
  • Group Account Director Bill Berman Ogilvy New York
  • Head of Content Distribution, Public Relations Adam Kornblum Ogilvy New York
  • Senior Vice President Tara Mullins Ogilvy New York
  • Chief Design Officer Franz Hoffman Fontself
  • Chief Design Officer Mohamed Ghenania Fontself
  • Chief Technology Officer Joël Galeran Fontself
  • Art Director Hayato Yamasaki Freelance
  • Art Director Kazunori Shiina Ogilvy New York
  • Composer Michael Marantz Freelance

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