Webby Award Winner - Emily Weiss
2019 Webby Award Winner

Emily Weiss

Special Achievement
Special Achievement
Webby Entrepreneur of the Year


Emily Weiss

The 23rd Annual Webby Awards is delighted to honor Emily Weiss as the 2019 Webby Entrepreneur of the Year for her incredible success using the Internet to create the people-powered, direct-to-consumer company Glossier.

Named a Unicorn this year for its $1.2 billion valuation, Glossier is one of the true stand-out success stories of the Internet, with Emily Weiss and her brilliant concepts at the center of it all. What began as a blog has exploded into a dedicated community of consumers and creators, empowered by the team at Glossier to participate in creating the makeup and skincare people want. Throughout Glossier’s successful four years, the Internet has played a driving role; from the community being at the core of what Glossier creates and sells, to its highly active and engaging social media presence with nearly 2 million followers on Instagram alone; to the entire direct-to-consumer approach; to Emily Weiss being a deeply direct a communicator with her audience about the highs and lows of creating this company, further humanizing the entire experience of buying and selling some of the most personal products we use. What’s more, Emily Weiss and Glossier stand out as role models for young women everywhere who see the possibilities of their own dreams in what Weiss has built through persistence, brilliance, and love. For her remarkable success with Glossier, we are thrilled to honor Emily Weiss as Webby Entrepreneur of the Year.

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