Best of the Internet June 20, 2017

15 Podcasts to Download for Summer

Want something good to listen to this summer? Check out these 15 awesome podcasts to delight your ears (and your mind).

Summer is upon us. That means it’s time to take in some sun, find time to relax, and catch up on podcasts.

Whether you’re already podcast-obsessed or are just getting acquainted, below are several shows to add to your queue this summer. From culture to comedy to sports and more, check out these Webby-Winning podcasts to bring some joy to your ears as you lounge by the pool, mow the lawn, or eat your fifth Choco Taco of the day (no judgment).

1Still Processing – Best Arts & Culture Podcast

This New York Times podcast, hosted by Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris (above, accepting their Webby) is our go-to for all things pop culture. And Wortham and Morris, besides being one of the best on-air duos out there, ask the big questions about the things we watch, read, and listen to every day. Listen here.

2. Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People – Best Host

Comedian Chris Gethard nabbed a Webby for hosting this show, which has a very unique premise: It’s a 1 hour phone call with an anonymous person, and Gethard can’t hang up first. Give it a listen—you’ll be hanging on the line, too. Listen here.

3. Freakonomics “Is the Internet Being Ruined?” – Best Individual Episode

Freakonomics is the podcast continuation of the bestselling series of books, and this episode particularly had our attention for its in-depth look at how we use the Internet, and how it uses us. Listen here.

4. Undisclosed: The Music – Best Sound Design/Original Music

If you’re into crime thrillers, this one’s for you. Besides the excellent music, this podcast investigates wrongful convictions in the US justice system by digging deep into cases, and the team often uncovers surprising new evidence in the process. Listen here.

5. How to Be a Girl – Best Writing

This heartfelt, powerful show stars a single mother and her 8-year-old transgender daughter as they wrestle with growing up, raising a child, and what it means to be a girl. Listen here.

6. The Hilarious World of Depression – Best Comedy Podcast

The title alone grabbed our attention, but we fell in love with this podcast for its poignant, informative, and yes, funny conversations about depression. Host John Moe (above, accepting his Webby) chats with comedians who have dealt with depression in an effort to demolish stigma around the disease and gain some insight along the way. Listen here.

7. The Kitchen Sisters – Best Documentary Podcast

If you’re into documentaries but can’t sit in front of a TV all day, pop in your earbuds for The Kitchen Sisters, which examines a new slice of obscure-yet-fascinating history in each episode. Listen here.

8. Women of the Hour – Best Lifestyle Podcast

Join host Lena Dunham as she chats with women from all walks of life on a wide range of topics, from friendship and love to work and spirituality and more. Listen here.

9. Codebreaker – Best Technology Podcast

Attention, hackers! This insightful podcast on our relationship with technology is not only great listening, but it also contains a code in each episode—decipher it to unlock the next episode and possibly an entire season. Listen here.

10. FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast – Best News & Information Podcast

Why is everyone so angry? Why is Twitter no fun anymore? What’s a hung Parliament? Get your head straight on political news with this informative podcast about all the important goings-on in government today. Listen here.

11. Masterpiece Studio – Best Recaps Podcast

So you were obsessed with PBS even before Downton Abbey came out. Then you’ll love this podcast, which goes behind the scenes on all of PBS’s shows with exclusive interviews with the casts and crews. (Host Jace Lacob and producer Rachel Aronoff accept their Webby, above.) Listen here.

12. Waking Up Sam Harris – Best Science & Education Podcast

Sam Harris: Neuroscientist, philosopher, best-selling author, podcast host—possibly the world’s most accomplished human? Listen in as he explores all kinds of vital, controversial questions about our society and the way our minds work. Listen here.

13. The Bill Simmons Podcast – Best Sports Podcast

Bill Simmons is back to dissect everything happening in sports, and he’s joined by a huge cast of guests, including some you might not expect, like Aziz Ansari and South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Score. Listen here.

14. Homecoming – Best Drama Podcast

“Psychological thriller” probably calls to mind something like Leo DeCaprio navigating his own subconscious, but it’s not just a movie genre—it exists in podcast form too, and this show is a prime example. Listen here.

15. Another Round – Best Interview/Talk Show

Listening to Another Round is like hanging out with your two best friends (hosts Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, in this case) to dish about everything from the big stuff, like race and the gender gap, to the not-so-big-but-still-vital stuff, like Swedish Fish. Listen here.

16. We’ll also throw in a bonus: Check out the Webby Podcast, featuring interviews with the people making the Internet awesome. Subscribe today and check out recent interviews with Webby Winners like The Women’s March, BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith, CNN’s Laurie Segall, podcast giants like the Gimlet Media founders, Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics, and many more.

For even more subscribe-worthy audio, check out all of this year’s Webby-honored podcasts in the winners gallery.