Webby Rankings December 4, 2018

The 2018 International Webby Winner Index

We rounded up a list of countries with the highest number of Webby-recognized works—and which companies represent them.

Each year The Webby Awards receives over 13,000 entries from 70+ countries, giving our team an incredible vantage point into the companies, large and small, making the most innovative work on the Internet around the world.

To highlight and celebrate companies having the greatest impact on the Internet across the globe, the new International Webby Winner Index** (below) is a data-based project showcasing the top-performing countries from the 22nd Annual Webby Awards (2018), and the top five companies within them with the most Webby-recognized works.

**We looked at all corners of the globe to see where work diverse as the Internet itself was coming from outside of the US—and which companies represent them. Countries are listed in no particular order.

Chart Explainer: Each chart below showcases the wins/nominations/honors a company received and we’ve categorized the type of work they were recognized for.

Additional Note: We’ve highlighted one piece of work created by each of the Webby-honored organizations below, however to see the breadth their projects, we recommend you check out all their work in Webby Winners Gallery.

International Webby Winners Index

We rounded up a list of countries with the highest number of Webby-recognized works—and which companies represent them.

Top Webby-Honored | AUSTRALIA

From leading agencies to sustainability-focused consulting companies, Australia represents a unique range of excellent work entered in The Webbys.

Above are the top Webby Winners from Australia in 2018, and below you can see their Webby-honored projects:

1. The Monkeys Womankind (Advertising)

2. Host/Havas | Palalu Pledge (Advertising)

3. BWM Dentsu | Disappearing Persons (Social)

4. Republic of Everyone | Plant Life Balance (Mobile)

5. Che Proximity | The Hearing Test in Disguise (Advertising)

Top Webby-Honored | DENMARK

Denmark produced some of the most creative works at the 22nd Annual Webby Awards, with top performer Playdead earning most nods across Games.

1. Playdead | INSIDE (Games)

2. Hello Monday | We The Fans (Websites)

3. Lego | Quest to Legoland (Games)

4. &Co. | All That We Share (Advertising)

5. SPACE10 | One Shared House 2030 (Websites)

Top Webby-Honored | THE NETHERLANDS

The Netherlands contributed beautiful work this year, with multiple projects (like Smartify and Red Bull Air Race Live) experimenting with AR and VR. Check out the companies making The Netherlands stand out—and a few of their outstanding works.

1. MediaMonks | Red Bull Air Race Live VR (Mobile)

2. DDB & Tribal Amsterdam | Vodafone Get the Flow (Mobile)

3. Dept | 100 Years of Mondrian (Websites)

4. MOBGEN | Smartify (Mobile)

5. WeTransfer | A Message from Earth (Advertising)

Top Webby-Honored | THE UNITED KINGDOM

From global media giants like BBC, to innovative studios and game developers like ustwo, last year’s top winners from The UK proved they can do it all. See the top five and check some of their Webby-honored works.

1. BBC | BBC Earth YouTube Channel (Video)

2. ustwo | Monument Valley 2 (Games)

3. The Guardian | Escape from Syria: Rania’s Odyssey (Video)

4. Square Enix | Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Games)

5. Biscuit Filmworks | Get Staffed (Video)

Top Webby-Honored | SWEDEN

Sweden’s top companies at the 22nd Webbys made unique, unforgettable works—with ACNE taking top slot for works like the IKEA Responds to Balenciaga PR campaign and more.

1. ACNE | Ikea Responds to Balenciaga (Advertising)

2. Åkestam Holst | Irresistible Pointless Trueview Ads (Advertising)

3. Edelman Deportivo | #InYourName (Advertising)

4. Sebton Co | Absolut Vodka Never Gonna GIF You Up (Social)

5. Unity Technologies | Book of the Dead (Video).  5. King Lotto Bucketlist | (Video) 

Top Webby-Honored | GERMANY

Germany’s top five Webby-honored companies, like Ogilvy & Mather Germany GmbH and Denkwerk, are all pushing the boundaries of marketing and have as such made their mark at The Webbys.

1. Jung von Matt | The Most German Supermarket (Advertising)

2. Grabarz & Partner | The Blind Photographer (Video)

3. Ogilvy & Mather Germany GmbH | Escalating GIFs (Social)

4. Denkwerk | World’s First Interactive Synesthetic Experience (Websites)

5. DeModern | IKEA Virtual Interior Designer (Video)

Top Webby-Honored | FRANCE

France was represented by a range of creative organizations at the 22nd Annual Webby Awards, with these five earning the most nods and Rosapark in top slot.

1. Rosapark | Reversible Story (Social)

2. DDB Paris | A World with No Heroes (Websites)

3. Serviceplan | The Virtual Crash Billboard (Advertising)

4. Backlight | Eclipse (Games)

5. SAS Alexander the Great, Digital Atelier | The Great Agency (Websites)

Top Webby-Honored | CANADA

Canada is well known for its robust film industry, but it should also be known for it’s award-winning agencies and gaming companies, like Hinterland, Studio MDHR, and more, who made a splash at the 22nd Annual Webby Awards.

1. Hinterland | The Long Dark (Games)

2. National Film Board | Invisible World (Mobile)

3. StudioMDHR | Cuphead (Games)

4. No Fixed Address | Mixtape of You (Advertising)

5. Lossless Creative | Invisible City Podcast (Podcasts).   5. Article | Not Your Standard (Websites)   

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