27th Annual Webby Awards April 5, 2023

Webby People’s Voice Daily

A daily roundup highlighting the creative ways the 27th Annual Webby Nominees are campaigning in the Webby People’s Voice Awards.

It’s the best time of year again—when the public decides who will win the title “Best of the Internet!” Nominees for the 27th Annual Webby Awards have been announced, and voting has started in the Webby People’s Voice Awards. From now through Thursday, April 20th, we are sharing the most creative, innovative ways that the 2023 Webby Nominees are campaigning online in the People’s Voice Daily. See our highlights below, and view the full roundup on Instagram Stories and Reels and as Twitter threads @TheWebbyAwards.  

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Here Are Highlights from Day One:

Show Gratitude, like Jimmy Fallon.
The hilarious comedian had a spring in his step as he shared the exciting news. He took a quick moment to revel in his Best Web Personality/Host nomination and finished by gracefully thanking his team for making it all happen.

Jimmy Fallon Celebrates his Nomination

Put it on TikTok, like Mischief
The agency behind some of the most viral campaigns of the year made a TikTok featuring all their Webby-nominated work. Embracing the weird in their campaigns paid off, snagging three Webby nominations across Advertising, Media & PR.


Vote for your favorite @thewebbyawards #webby #webbys #webbyawards #thewebbyawards #fyp #viral #viralmarketing #marketing #marketingtok

♬ Love Of My Life – Metrow Ar

By Celebrating your Fans, like NASA
NASA took to Twitter to thank its audience for continuing to stay in their orbit, streaming their live feeds, and virtually joining their explorations of the celestial world!

By Connecting the Work with What Matters, like RuPawl
The beloved Doggie Drag Queen pushed their nomination by centering the reason they do their work in the first place–to create a community for fellow queens and Queer folks online.


RuPawl Showcasing his Nomination





By Making Use of Every Digital Space
No digital space is off-limits. Creatives Donwill and Angel Lenise have used their Twitter profiles to share their nomination–from the display name to the bio.

Nominees Using the Webby Voting Toolkit 
This year, we’ve partnered with Canva to help kick off campaigns for the Webby People’s Voice. Nominees can share their achievements and rally their audiences to vote using templates designed by Canva. Here are a few of the best ones from Day 1.

Nominees Using the Canva Toolkit




Here Are Highlights from Day Two:

Take to Twitter, like Weezer, The Try Guys, Game of Thrones, and More
Some of the biggest contenders shared their news on Twitter, calling on their fans to get them to the finish line. From Marvel to Better Call Vote Saul, these nominees know how to mobilize to their audience.


But when it can’t fit in just one Tweet, make a thread–like The Daily Show
Why share only one of your nominations when you can highlight all nine? That’s the move The Daily Show went for, creating a Thread featuring each category they’ve snagged a spot in.


Who Doesn’t Love a Rivalry?
Effin’ Birds sent friendly fire toward The Tonight Show, boasting its tight lead over the talk show. Some friendly competition might just be the way to stay on top.


Reach Your Audience Wherever They Are
Community boards are great for bringing folks with shared interest together. But they’re also great for those looking to speak directly with their audiences. Why not meet them half-way and claim your spot in the spaces they roam, like AmazeVR?

Follow Your Audience




More Nominees Using the Webby Voting Toolkit 
Nominees are rallying their audiences to vote by inventively using templates designed by Canva. Here are some of the best ones from Day 2.

Nominees Using the Canva Toolkit








Here Are Highlights from Day Three:

Share the Visuals, like Bjork, Trixie Mattel and RuPaul’s Drag Race
The Grammy-nominated artist and the incredible Drag Race icon gave their audiences a look at the visuals of their Webby-nominated projects–featuring Bjork’s signature motifs, Trixie’s final look as Dr. Manhattan, and some of the best looks from All Stars 7.

Share the Visuals




Get Creative with Vertical Video, like Washington Posts’ Dave Jorgenson, Shrimp Daddy, and The Lenovskis  
The 2023 Webby Nominees have been doing their best to encourage voting: creating great digital content showcasing their talents and vision.


I got nominated by The Webby Awards for my work on the @washingtonpost TikTok. Help me win the popular vote!

♬ Happy with you – Official Sound Studio


Link in bio go #vote for #shrimpdaddy & @techdeck #skateboard #webby #webbys #webbyawards

♬ Over And Over – Hot Chip


vote for your fave family ➡️ link in bio! #webbyawards #thelenovskis #lenovo #thinkpad #vote #webbys

♬ original sound – Lenovo

Here are Highlights from Day Six:

Highlight your Project, like Victor Work
Why not give your audience a look into the project that secured your Webby nomination? Victor Work did just that and put a spotlight on his website, showcasing all its features!

Victor Work Spotlights Website

Why not make a TikTok, too?
Nominees across the board are taking their promotions to TikTok, using its unique features to celebrate their achievements.


I THINK WE CAN DO IT LOL #podcast #webbyawards #genz #bjork

♬ son original – sousou


BEST LIVE PODCAST ⭐️ @thewebbyawards // got to celebrate @theladygang nomination with @heatherdubrow who was our special guest at our live show in Boston ⭐️ The #webbys are the Oscar’s of the internet + you know how I feel about external validation ⭐️ VOTE VOTE VOTE ⭐️ 👉🏼 👈🏼 #vote #fyp #webbyawards #nominated #ladygang

♬ original sound – The LadyGang


not one but two nominations @The Webby Awards vote for us to win at the #linkinbio#CapCut #pedropascal #pedropascaldancing #webbyawards

♬ GoGo dancer pedro – I love pedro pascal 🌟


💃 BabyCenter has been nominated for a Webby award! 🎉 We’re so honored to have been nominated and we need your vote to bring home the trophy. 🏆Tap the link in bio to vote for us, let’s do this! #webby #webbyawards @thewebbyawards

♬ Astronaut in the Ocean (Remix) – David Charlos

Incentivize Fans, Even with a Funko Pop
Sarah Natochenny , the voice of Ash Ketchum in the English dub of Pokemon and of My Pokemon Journey, is mobilizing her audience to vote with a signed Pikachu Funko pop giveaway.

Here are Highlights from Day 7:

Feature it in a Newsletter, like Pattern
No digital space is off-limits, including subscribers’ inboxes. Pattern, a design and e-commerce agency, highlighted two of their nominated projects in their newsletter, mobilizing their readers to vote.

Pattern Spotlights Nomination in Newsletter




Shoutout Your Team, like Selma Blair
The talented actress and activist shared the news with fans by featuring the team that made the nomination happen.


Speak Directly with Your Audience 
The Points Guy UK and Fallon N Davis of NJ PBS: The 21 Film Series: Essex County didn’t hesitate to level with their audience and

The Points Guy UK

Fallon N Davis Spotlights NJPBS

Share a Snippet of Honored Projects
Take your audience through the work you’ve done that snagged your nomination. Give a quick look at your body of work, like Apartment Therapy, Lazarev and Unfold Agency to inspire their votes!


We’ve been nominated for @thewebbyawards (aka the Oscars of the Internet 🏆) in the Social Video: Culture & Lifestyle category! Click the link in our bio to vote for us ✨ #webbys #webbyawards #thewebbyawards #apartmenttherapy

♬ original sound – Apartment Therapy

Share a Snippet



Here are Highlights from Days 8 & 9

Send Friendly Fire Toward your Fellow Nominees, like Stephen Colbert 
While sharing the news with his audience and joking about the Webby statuette, Colbert incited subtle competition with Jennifer Garner, who’s nominated in the same category as the host of The Late Show.”

Colbert Incites Competition

Or if you’re like Jennifer Garner, Campaign by Getting Even
The multi-talented actress shot back at Colbert, taking over his Instagram to redirect fans to vote for her instead.

Garner Fires Back

But Ultimately, it’s about Celebrating the Best of the Internet 
Despite the rivalry, Colbert and Garner agreed to call a truce and even shared who they’re planning to vote for.

Garner and Colbert Call a Truce

Talk About it on your Podcast, like Pod Save America
When your podcast is nominated, what better space to rally your fans to vote than your own? Hosts Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy Vietor announced to their listeners and quipped about getting ready to prep their red-carpet outfits.

Here are Highlights from Day 10 

Gratitude Goes a Long Way
Professional basketball Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce showed appreciation to Showtime while rallying their viewers to vote.


VOTE for Showtime Basketball and #AllTheSmoke in the 27th annual @thewebbyawards! You can vote at our 🔗 in bio.

♬ original sound – SHOWTIME Basketball

Make Sure to Get Your Ask Right, like the California Academy of Sciences 
Even though everyone might be eager to vote, be specific about who can actually do it. It is the People’s Voice Awards, after all.


PEOPLE ONLY!! We need your help to win a Webby People’s Voice Award — vote via link in bio! Don’t let the microcline variety amazonite down.

♬ original sound – California Academy of Sciences

Instead of Asking to Vote, Ask, Why Not? 
Creative Theory Agency gave their viewers a couple reasons to secure their Webby—but ultimately, posed the question of why not?

Creative Theory Agency Asks Why Not?

Here are Highlights from Day 12 

Nominees Getting Creative with Canva 
To help secure their spot long the vanguard of the Internet, Nominees are elevating their campaigns by using the Webby Voting Toolkit with their own creative spins.

Nominees Getting Creative with Canva







Saying Nothing At All Also Works 
Shane Madej of Ghost Files kept his words to a minimum while campaigning cooly, simply pointing out who should vote.

Give Folks a Look at the Process
What does it mean to be a Webby Nominee? The State of Social Podcast from Hive Collective Social Media Agency gave listeners a peek at the steps they took to become one.

We Were Nominated for a Webby!!!

A huge congratulations to all the 2023 Webby Nominees! Keep campaigning in the Webby People’s Voice Awards. And if you’re a supporter, use your voice and vote for your favorite creatives until Thursday, April 20th!