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The Webby Awards Winners Showcase 2018

Winning a Webby Award is a special honor—one that should be displayed with pride all year round. To keep with our mission of celebrating the best of the Internet, we've compiled this collection of how our Winners are celebrating their awards and sharing their recognition.
The Hollywood Reporter Reminds Partners It's a Webby Winner

Use Your Webby Award To Close Deals and Win Clients

  • The Hollywood Reporter honored its Webby-winning Roundtables series by adding a banner including the Webby statuette to its latest media kit.
  • National Geographic listed 11 Webby wins in its Year in Review, marking a significant milestone for the publication.
  • Incorporating the Webby seal or mentioning a Webby Award in your promotional material will remind advertisers, partners, and press why your brand is a leader in its industry
  • Winning a Webby Award is the Internet’s highest honor—and can be leveraged for promotion and sponsorships.

Celebrate Your Win with Press Releases






Generate Buzz for Your Win by Pitching Your Story of Success

  • Media outlets are eager for the inside scoop on our phenomenal winners during Webby season. Create publicity for your win by pitching a feature story about your Webby-winning work, like isthishowyougoviral.
  • A press release or news story can inform the right individuals or companies that you are ranked amongst the greatest digital creators in history. Be sure your feature includes the prestige of The Webbys.
  • The best part of a Webby Award is that it never expires. Incorporate your Webby Award into press releases throughout the year, and beyond.
  • Winners like, ESA, and The New York Times published press releases to share their exciting wins with the world.

The Webby Seal Is a Proof-of-Excellence



Show That Your Work Is Top-notch by Emblazoning Your Homepage with Webby Seals & Badges

  • Dots created a gallery on its homepage for its competition-crushing game Two Dots using five seals to represent each of its Webby wins.
  • Design agency Hyperakt and its client Vera Institute of Justice know that a Webby badge signifies Internet excellence and should be displayed with pride. By placing the badge in Vera Institute’s home navigation, the collaboration demonstrated its digitally powered humanitarian work has been recognized on the world stage.  
Fandango Shows Its 2017 Win for Ticketing App

Call Out Your Award-Winning App on Store Listings For Customers To See

  • Fandango and smash hit video diary 1 Second Every Day incorporated Webby wins into their product descriptions, drawing instant interest. 
  • Whether your app is a new service or a staple in mobile, identifying Webby wins in app store listings exponentially sets the product apart.
Max Stossel Displays His Two 2017 Webby Wins

Tout Your Webby Wins In The About Section Of Your Website

  • For independent artist Max Stossel and creative studio Even/Odd, adding multiple Webby wins to their About pages helped showcase the profundity of their art.
  • Potential funding partners and sponsors will see that you produce award-winning digital work. Consider future business deals closed.
  • Listing a Webby award demonstrates that work created independently is more than deserving of international acclaim.

Create Dedicated Pages for Your Awards





Craft Blog Posts, Articles and Press Releases To Celebrate Your Award

  • Once you’ve won a Webby, it’s time to spread the incredible news. Winners Buzzfeed, Gospelware, and VICE shared their wins with supporters through blog posts and dedicated pages.
  • Crafting original content allows you more than 5 words to tell the story of your Webby-winning work, while boosting engagement, site traffic and overall support.
  • Past winners IBM, The New York Times, DigitasLBI and many more have shared their monumental success with global audiences using the written word.

Celebrate Your Webby Win With Humility & Grace By Building A Dedicated Awards Page

  • The ability to list a Webby win is a special honor, reserved only for the best of the Internet.
  • Honor your successful season of work through vibrant website copy, images of your work—or if your number of wins exceeds the word count, like PBS, create a unique microsite that can increase your win’s visibility in Google Search.
  • Receiving a Webby Award is an important accomplishment. Consumers, sponsors, and advertising partners agree. Don’t shortchange your success—let those wins shine.

Get Social & Share Your Win with Your Followers






Get Creative, Share a Webby-Dedicated GIF

Keep Sharing Stories, GIFs, Posts, Snaps, and Statuses To Celebrate Your Win

  • When in doubt, social media an effective way to keep generating buzz about your Webby Award. Sharing your success with millions of consumers and influencers on social expands the reach of your work to a global audience.
  • Winners including Google, CollegeHumor, GIPHY, The Pool, and hosts of The New York Times’ Still Processing took to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – and beyond – to show they’re elated at being named a Webby winner, and remind fans why they continue to be crowned the Best of the Internet. You should as well.
  • Make sure to promote your win using #Webbys.

You can watch all the highlights from the 21st Annual Webby Awards, to see how your fellow Winners celebrated the moment! forget you can watch all the highlights from the 20th Annual Webby Awards now!

We want you to get the most out of your honor. Send us examples of how your fellow Winners are telling their story, sharing their recognition, and celebrating their awards. Download the full Winners Showcase below.

The Webby Winners Showcase 2018