26th Annual Webby Awards April 5, 2022

The Year’s Best Virtual and Remote Content and Experiences

This year, the Nominees for the 26th Annual Webby Awards have set new standards in digital content and experiences.

We established The Webby Awards to recognize, celebrate, and elevate the best work on the Internet, and now 26 years later, we continue to be impressed with the scale, scope, and sheer innovation of the world’s most admirable digital creators. For the 26 Annual Webby Awards, we’re highlighting the exceptional work being made in some of our categories for Virtual & Remote: Public Service & Activism, Narrative Experience, and Fashion & Retail. 

Remarkable advancements in technology have already allowed creators and audiences, brands, coworkers, and families to connect across vast distances in ways never before imagined. As the pandemic forced us to spend even more time apart, the inspiration, application and innovation of new virtual and remote experiences brought us closer, kept us informed on pressing issues, and helped us find new forms of entertainment. Read on to explore a sampling of some of this year’s best Virtual & Remote Nominees. 

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Public Service & Activism Nominees – Virtual & Remote Series

Youth Action Hour – DB Content

Youth Action Hour is a youth-led event series focused on amplifying the power of young leaders across the country through hybrid remote and in-person events focused on gathering communities for solutions-oriented conversations around transformative change. Vote for them here!

The Progress Report – AtlanticLIVE

Building off The Atlantic’s legacy of illuminating American ideals, and issues, the Progress Report is a series of conversations between staff, experts, and invited guests developed to measure the intent versus the impact of proposed solutions to address systemic inequalities for marginalized communities. Vote for them here!

Hard Truths – Axios

Framed as a hard truth for the privileged to accept, this year-long project addresses the still-present problems of racism, prejudice, and racial inequality in America. Through remote events, deep-dive editorial, podcasts, and more, Hard Truths explores how racial inequality holds us back. Vote for them here!

The [Uncertain] Four Seasons – Jung von Matt AG

In response to the predicted effects of climate change, musicians and data scientists partnered with 15 orchestras around the world to perform variations on Vivaldi’s 1725 masterpiece depicting the dire way climates around the world will be disrupted if global leaders don’t commit to significant action right now. Vote for them here!

Camera Offset Project – McKinney

While video conferencing has been invaluable for many remote business meetings, researchers found that when possible, turning off one’s camera reduces environmental impact by a whopping 96%, so the Camera Offset Project created graphic cards to replace blank screens and encourage remote workers to go voice-only to help save the planet. Vote for them here!

Fashion & Retail – Virtual & Remote

Green Screen Shirt – Zulu Alpha Kilo

Possibly the most versatile piece of business fashion ever created, the Green Screen Shirt is optimized for video calls to be easily blocked out by green screen technology enabling wearers to instantly change the shirts color and patton with the click of a mouse. Vote for them here! 

Fenty Eau De Parfum Ghost Stores – Barbarian

Built on top of the Google Maps API, Ghost Stores created interactive audio-sensory experiences to convey the rich tapestry of Fenty Beauty’s first direct-to-consumer fragrances, selling-out of the new perfumes before consumers ever even smelled them. Vote for them here! 

Gucci Garden presents Archetypes on Roblox – Gucci

As the first luxury brand to create what might be called a Metaverse shopping experience, Gucci partnered with Roblox creators to build a virtual world complete with unique Gucci branded items, some even reselling for more than their real world counterparts. Vote for them here! 

#MONDOGENIUS 2021: Interactive Livestream Experience – Media.Monks B.V.

Hosted by Alicia Keys and Victoria Song, this interactive virtual fashion show brought to life the international spirit of creativity interwoven with thrilling performances and experiences ​​livestreamed to audiences while a bespoke digital platform expanded the content allowing audiences to explore stylized renderings of major cities and fashion destinations. Vote for them here! 

IKEA Festival – Work & Co

Spanning a huge range of art, culture, cuisine, and home design, Ikea brought viewers on virtual home tours around the world to meet chefs, DJs, musicians, neighbors and more, in a massive celebration of the places we love the most. Vote for them here! 

Best Narrative Experience – Virtual & Remote

Madrid Noir – Astrea

Combining first rate theatrical talent with cutting edge technology, Madrid Noir is a moody, interactive detective story inviting audiences to explore 1930’s Spain first hand through virtual reality. Vote for them here!

The Field – Active Theory

Developed for VR headsets, desktop, and mobile devices, The Field creates a multi-sensory experience demonstrating the calming and rejuvenating power of meditation and even allows users to connect with each other. Vote for them here!

Amazon Prime Video – Without remorse – Dept

To promote their new action thriller, Amazon partnered with 4 major Twitch influencers to navigate a flesh-and-blood action hero through an elaborate interactive theatrical stage, solving puzzles, taking out bad guys, and rescuing hostages along the way in a first of its kind 2 hour collaborative live stream. Vote for them here!

Lone Echo II – Meta

The critically acclaimed Lone Echo II brings a wide assortment of new tools and abilities to an immersive and compelling story for a sci-fi virtual reality gaming experience that’s out-of-this-world. Vote for them here!

The Changing Same: Episode 1 – Scatter

The Changing Same is a magical-realist immersive, room-scale VR experience inviting audiences to travel through time and make an American pilgrimage through 400 years of racial injustice to understand our prejudiced past and present, and imagine a beautiful and equitable future. Vote for them here!

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