Meet The Nominees April 13, 2016

The Best Animals on Social Media

5 of the best animal-specific social media accounts from across the ?  have been nominated this year. Vote for your favorite—? ? ? ? ?—here.

UPDATE: Congrats to Webby Winner Catstacam and kudos to Goats of Anarchy on their Webby People’s Voice victory in the Animal Social Media category. They’re a couple of the most active and creative animals on social media. We’re double-tapping their posts and know you are too!


What if your cat took its own Instagrams? Whiskas, an Australian pet supply brand, has equipped some lucky felines to document their days with a light-weight camera they wear around their neck. The results? Unique perspectives from the day-in-the-life of a cat. Check out that selfie!

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Goats Of Anarchy

Nothing menacing about these kids (get it?)! These goats and their farm animal friends live on a sanctuary where they won’t be used to produce any products for human consumption, unless you count their delightful social accounts as an addiction we can’t shake.

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Doug The Pug

Pug mind control at its finest. Doug is a globetrotting, fun-loving & very, very chill pug. His lifestyle?#mood. His vibe? #goals. Doug gives the phrase “dog days” a whole new meaning and has inspired his millions of followers to embrace the pug life—showing them how to kick it in style everywhere he goes.

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Jimmy The Bull

Artist Rafael Mantesso’s muse is his English bull terrier, Jimmy. Using his characteristic illustration style and Jimmy’s charming and distinct look, Rafael creates lively and poignant portraits. Often humorous, sly or socially charged, Jimmy is a model talent.

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National Geographic Social Media

The natural beauty of the world—it’s biodiversity—is astonishing. Which is why Nat Geo’s uncanny knack to document it, whether it’s chance encounters or patiently waiting for that singular moment, is why their social accounts are populated with quality photographic gems.

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You can’ hate it that a goat, or a dog, or a cat has tenfold more followers on Instagram than you do when the animal in question is adorable, inquisitive & makes your Monday doldrums a little brighter with their latest post on social.

You can watch all the highlights from the 20th Annual Webby Awards now! Don’t forget, the Extended Entry Deadline is January 27th, 2016Enter today!


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