Winner Spotlight February 2, 2016

Dezeen: Celebrating Architecture & Design In The Digital Age

A leading architecture and design magazine, Dezeen is an estimable source for the building and interiors aesthete or insider.

From their beginnings as a humble blog in 2006, Dezeen has rapidly grown to become a premier magazine on architecture, design and interiors in the UK, proving itself an unstoppable proponent of aesthetics for a wide-ranging digital audience.

Dezeen is a 3-year-running Webby Winner for their insightful columns and channels surveying the best and latest in architecture and design. They received their first Webby nod in 2013 for a video they produced about the Philips Lumiblade which demonstrated that the future of light was already here.

Their latest Webby Winning production was for their film about artist and tech enthusiast Imogen Heap’s music-making Mi.Mu gloves, which allows the user to be more expressive with how they create music and more naturally engage with their computer software and technology, thereby pushing the boundaries for how songs are composed.

The film garnered both The Webby People’s Voice for best technology movie and, from our international sister honor, a Lovie Award in branded entertainment. Earlier this month we celebrated the success of the video with a marquee event at the Hospital Club in London.

An avid Twitter and Instagram user, Dezeen’s Editor-in-Chief Marcus Fairs is a huge propenent for the move to digital. That is, the topics his magazine covers—physical things realized through tangible ideas—should embrace the rapidly changing Internet.

Besides its work covering the industry, Dezeen produces its own brand of wristwatches and hosts a job board for inspired veteran or freelance architects or designers. Having built out its brand across online sectors including eCommerce and HR, Dezeen is an prime example of a great idea nurtured to digital prominence.

The Webbys are proud to count Dezeen among its media partners.

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