July 20, 2020

The Webby Gallery + Index Intelligence Series

The credits for each piece of Webby-recognized work showcases the people and organizations that participated in the creation of the piece. From the Credits will uncover some of those organizations and share the breadth of talent that worked on a piece along with easy access to connect with potential partners. Credits are available for Webby-recognized work in the Webby Gallery + Index

From the Credits: Life by The Unicorn for Doctors without Borders 

The Unicorn, a Denmark-based creative agency worked with Doctors Without Borders to support the work they do in every corner of the world by telling the multifaceted stories of birth – the moments of joy and heartbreak. This endeavor took nearly 100 people from all over the world – Greece, Germany, USA, Denmark, South Africa, and Lebanon to create this beautiful film that won the 2020 Webby Award for Best Art Direction. “LIFE” Behind the Scenes is an inside look at how some of the key collaborators worked together.  

Below find some of the companies that participated in creating this epic film, then visit Life’s full profile on The Webby Gallery + Index to see the many independent creators, art directors, actors, puppeteers, fabricators, VFX and SFX artists, as well as the essential talent behind the makeup, props, catering, and lighting to discover the people and organizations available to help bring your next project to life.

The Unicorn 

Thirsty Film

  • How They Describe Themselves: A Scandinavian production company based in Copenhagen. Thirsty represents a roster of talented award-winning directors. 
  • Location: Denmark 
  • Key people: Rune Milton, Director; Thomas Gram, Executive Producer; Niels Kau, Executive Producer


  • How They Describe Themselves: We create innovative experiences at the crossroads of culture and entertainment. 
  • Location: Greece 
  • Key people: Fay Katsari, CEO and Executive Producer

Dragon Fly Media Production

  • How They Describe ThemselvesDragon Fly Media production professional service provider for Film and Aerial photography using the latest technology in the field. Dragon Fly oversaw drone operation for Life. 
  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Key people: Sami Kattan, Founder

Stoked Films

  • How They Describe ThemselvesStoked produces and facilitates commercials, TV and digital content, short films, documentaries, photoshoots, activations, and feature films across the Middle East.
  • Location: Beirut and UAE 
  • Key people: Rita El Hachem, Executive Producer; Charbel Aouad, Executive Producer

Effectiv-Team SFX GmbH

  • How They Describe ThemselvesWe are a highly specialized and in-demand special effects studio with an international client list. We have the passion to make the impossible possible.
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany 
  • Key people:  Thomas Degner, Philipp “Fiete” Girardet, Boris Frey, Greta Brix, Ingo Bauer and Niklas Girardet, SFX Artists

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