Webby Awards Explainers September 29, 2023

How to Find the Right Category in The Webby Awards

Tips to help find the right category for your work in The Webby Awards

The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. To honor the breadth of work created online, we offer a range of categories across eight types of work. 

Selecting the right categories are key to winning big at the Webby Awards. Explore our guide of tips and frequently asked questions to find the categories that best suit your work. 

We’re here to help. See our guide below or reach out to our dedicated Customer Service Lead, Evey Long, who can assist with any queries. You can contact her at or call us at 212.675.3555, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm ET.

The 101 on Categories for The Webby Awards  

1. Understand Your Project

Have a clear understanding of your project’s purpose, content, and functionality. Consider what makes it unique and what its primary focus is. Look for a category that closely matches the essence of your project. Categories should align with the primary purpose and content of your work.

2. Consider Your Platform 

The Webby Awards accepts eight types of work: Websites and Mobile Sites, Video, Advertising, Media & PR, Apps & Software, Social, Podcasts, Games and Metaverse, Virtual & AI. Consider where your project lives when deciding between our categories. 

See the eight types of work below, and their descriptions.  

  • Websites and Mobile Sites: Honors to celebrate the best website experiences designed for any screen – desktop to mobile. These categories honor general sites, features like User Experience and Best Visual Design.
  • Video: Honors for a range of work in online video, long and short-form, with general topics like Art & Experimental and Business. Categories are also available for craft and series.
  • Advertising, Media & PR: Honors for the breadth of the digital advertising landscape, including PR, branded content, media and integrated work. Categories are also available for individual campaigns and craft categories.
  • Apps & Software: Honors across a range of categories to celebrate excellence in software or applications made for mobile devices, tablets, watches and other platforms. Categories are also available for features, such as Best Visual Function.
  • Social: Honors for the scope of social media across all platforms, from General accounts to content series and campaigns. Categories are also available for outstanding features.
  • Podcasts: Honors for the best series in Podcasts, from small, independently created shows to household names in digital audio. Categories recognize individual episodes, series, as well as excellence in craft.
  • Games: Honors for outstanding work in games across mobile, social, and browser platforms. Categories cover general games, as well as excellence in craft.
  • Metaverse, Virtual & AI: Honors for exceptional work in creating and executing metaverse, immersive, virtual and – new this season – a cross-disciplinary suite of AI categories to honor work created for websites, apps, software, games, social and video.

3. Play to Your Strengths

While we offer a range of general typological categories like Health or Public Service & Activism, we also have specific honors for Craft, Campaigns and Features. These include categories like Best Art Direction, Best Writing, Best Use of AI, Best Social Campaign, Best Partnership or Collaboration, Technical Achievement and more. If your work demonstrates excellence in these areas, consider participating in these categories as well.

4. Give Thought to Judging Criteria

Our judging academy, the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, evaluates work in all eight category types based on their respective judging criteria. They do this to ensure that every project is judged fairly and accurately in its intended category. Criteria includes Quality of Craft, Functionality, Interactivity and more. Review our full list of criteria for Websites & Mobile Sites, Video, Advertising, Media & PR, Social, Apps & Software, Podcasts, Games, Metaverse & Immersive, and AI Apps & Experiences.

5. Consider Multiple Categories

If your project has multiple aspects or can fit into more than one category, you may consider entering it into several categories. Our advice is to make sure that it feels relevant to your work. The piece will be evaluated separately for each instance and category it is entered. It is not uncommon for exceptional work to be honored in more than one category regardless of media type.

5. Ask Us for Category Recommendations

If you still need more help, ask our team. You can reach out to Webby Customer Service Lead Evey Long for category recommendations, especially related to this year’s new categories. She is also available for queries related to the new season, entry process, and our judging process!

6. Review Past Winners

Our final tip is to view past Webby Winners in your intended category by exploring our Winners Gallery + Index. This can give you a window into projects that typically perform well in each category, while having access to the category description. 

Submit work in the 28th Annual Webby Awards to have your work recognized across our categories, and prove that you are leading digital innovation. To take advantage of early pricing, enter before the Early Entry Deadline on Friday, October 27th.