The 20th Annual Webby Awards December 15, 2015

Interview with Facebook’s Creative Lead Ji Lee

Internet can’t be stopped. So, how far can we go?

In some ways, Facebook seems like the first social network of the Internet Age. Founded in 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, whose myth story was made popular by the movie The Social Network, Facebook is both ubiquitous and far-reaching. Facebook is one of the most trafficked sites in the world.



Hyperlapse's 5-Word Speech


Now, extremely successful, Zuckerberg recently announced that he would donate 99% of his shares in the company to charity over time. Previously, he invested money into education reform and into establishing Internet access for all, across the globe.


“This here requires no filter” ”
— Instagram’s 5-Word Speech (2012)

Coupled with their unmistakable design and connectivity, Facebook has used its wealth to purchase photo-sharing app Instagram and the video recording software Hyperlapse (4 Webby Wins). Facebook itself has a storied record at the Webby Awards. It’s won 13 Webbys, including many campaigns  centered around the social network, and in 2012, a People’s Special Achievement Webby for Social Change.


As part of our The Internet Can’t Be Stopped campaign, Facebook debuted their interpretation: An all-green stoplight floating in space an array of stars in the background. It’s a symbolic representation of how the signals for the future of the Internet’s uses, reach, and our interactions with one another can’t, won’t be stopped. When we asked the Creative Lead behind the poster, Ji Leeabout why he thinks the Internet can’t be stopped, he answered with “Internet can’t be stopped. So, how far can we go?” 

For the Call for Entries for our 20th Webby Awards, we have partnered with 20 Webby Winners – who throughout the past 20 years have shaped not only The Webby Awards, but the Internet itself. Read more about our 20th Webbys collaboration here.


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