25th Annual Webby Awards April 15, 2021

Jameela Jamil to Host the 25th Annual Webby Awards!

We're honored to announce Jameela Jamil will host our star-studded virtual celebration on Tuesday, May 18th | Photo by Sela Shiloni.

A multi-talented actress, writer, podcaster, host and advocate, Jameela Jamil truly embodies the spirit of work we honor every year at The Webby Awards.

In addition to playing several star roles, most recently as Tahani in the critically acclaimed show The Good Place, Jameela uses the Internet to bring global impact to her work through her activism platform I Weigh. What started as an Instagram page has grown into a platform for change makers to come together, share ideas and experiences, and to mobilize. She also is the host of the “I Weigh with Jameela Jamil” podcast and original YouTube series, and serves as a judge for LEGENDARY, HBO Max’s competition that celebrates ball culture.

Basically, Jameela does a lot on the Internet—and does a lot of good on the Internet. That makes her the perfect host to help celebrate the Best of the Internet during the star-studded virtual show on Tuesday, May 18th. Get to know more about Jameela’s work in a few clips we’ve compiled below.

She Dares to Make the Internet a More Positive Place

Jameela is centering stories of radical inclusivity across the Internet with her activism platform I Weigh. In 2018, she started it as an Instagram account to celebrate real body positivity. Over the years, I Weigh has blossomed into a community of change makers who gather, share experiences and ideas, and shine a light on the voices of marginalized people. I Weigh also produce original content, where Jameela sits down with guests to discuss how they are relearning how to prioritize real self worth and self love, in spite of damaging systems.

Watch the inaugural episodes featuring Sam Smith on body image and self acceptance, and Lizzo on finding confidence despite social media criticism.

She was honored at The 2020 Lovie Awards

Jameela and I Weigh have already been recognized as the best of the European Internet—and rightfully so. Last year her Instagram and online community was honored with a 2020 Lovie Special Achievement Award. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, I Weigh is a safe space for people to celebrate what makes them beautiful, while giving rise to important discussions. I Weigh has also has real world impact: In 2019 their work pressured Instagram to stop showing weight loss content to users under 18 years old.

Watch Jameela’s ‘7 Words of Lovie’ acceptance speech above!

Catch Her Online as a ‘Legendary’ Judge and Host

Jameela is clearly a host with the most. Fire up your favorite streaming service and you’ll see what we mean. These days you can catch her on Apple TV hosting the TBS game show The Misery Index, where teams compete to rank hilarious and miserable life events. You can also see her as a judge for Legendary, HBO Max’s competition that celebrates drag ballroom culture that originated in New York City’s Black and Latino LGBTQIA+ communities. We promise, you’ll be entertained and, definitely, inspired by both programs.

Watch a clip above of her hosting The Misery Index!

Listen to Her on the I Weigh with Jameela Jamil Podcast

Last year, she extended the I Weigh platform to launch the successful podcast with Earwolf titled ‘I Weigh with Jameela Jamil.’ During the program, she speaks to guests about how they are working through their experiences with shame to prioritize radical self love. It’ll definitely get you in your feels. Check out all the shows, and watch a clip of her conversation with talented comedian and podcast host Nicole Byer! 

She’s Genuinely Hilarious and Nails Every Interview

Her interviews are absolutely hilarious, who doesn’t love dry humor! So we rounded up a few of our favorite Jameela Jamil moments from late night television. Watch her explain to Jimmy Fallon what she usually hides in her dress, and see a few other clips below.

The Nominees for the 25th Annual Webby Awards are announced on Tuesday, April 20th! Follow @TheWebbyAwards on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and stay tuned to watch Jameela host the virtual show on-demand on Tuesday, May 18th!