28th Annual Webby Awards April 23, 2024

What Does it Take to be the Best on the Internet?

We spoke with our Judges for insight into what makes an industry-leading digital creative in 2024.

A massive congratulations to the 2024 Webby Winners, who represent the minds leading creativity and culture online. Across the breadth of digital, the Winning teams experimented with exciting ideas and new technologies. They took giant leaps in reimagining the Internet into something new to create the industry’s best work. With sheer creative genius showcased, we spoke with our Judges to take a closer look at what it takes to create show-stopping digital work in 2024.

Hear from Webby Judges the digital trends the 2024 Webby Winners are setting off across the industry in 2024.

Theme 1: Braving New Frontiers with AI

Annie Jean-Baptise, Author, Building for Everyone and Founder of Product Inclusion & Equity

“Reimagining the default to create a more equitable and accessible world shines through strongly in this year’s applications. Proactively co-creating with people from historically marginalized backgrounds makes better products for everyone was a core tenant that strong applicants prioritized. It’s energizing to see a wide array of solutions to nuanced challenges.”

Maks Giordano, CEO and Innovation Rainmaker, juuman´okudo

“As we move forward, it is imperative to remember that the true power of GenAI rests in its symbiotic relationship with human creativity. It offers us a unique opportunity to transcend traditional boundaries, pushing us to think differently and more boldly. The work I had the privilege of reviewing this year is a beacon for future creators and innovators. It showcases that by embracing GenAI as a companion in our creative journeys, we can achieve feats that were once deemed impossible.

The projects showcased this year not only set a new standard for innovation but also illuminated the path for responsible and impactful use of AI. As we continue to explore this partnership, let us do so with a vision that seeks to elevate the human experience, leveraging GenAI as a tool that, in the hands of creative minds, holds endless possibilities.”

Theme 2: Adding More Fun to B2B Marketing

Marisa Lather, Director of Marketing & Communications, Bridge Partners

“Campaigns that invited user participation through social media and engaging users with interactive elements like sticker sheets, activity books, and contests, significantly stood out. These projects created an experience for the audience to get involved with, fostering a sense of community. The theme of ESG—especially Sustainability—was present across many categories, confirming not just the emotional impact it drives, but the direct impact on business. Other trends included leveraging nostalgia and retro aesthetics, especially in interactive platform design, creating a new way to explore a product. Innovation again shined through the combination of seemingly unrelated concepts, such as cereal commercials intertwined with CRM systems. This humorous approach demonstrated the power of creative storytelling, making B2B marketing more relatable. Behind the longer sales cycles and buying committees of B2B are people. People who enjoy the same humorous, nostalgic, emotional marketing as B2C. It was truly an honor to see the best of the best, with many campaigns continuing to resonate and inspire. I commend all who contributed.”

Theme 3: Leaning into Community

Red Fabbri, Global Group Social Marketing Lead, YouTube

“Social platforms and their algorithmic distribution is the great equalizer in marketing and advertising. Everyone can pay for reach, but truly good creative still has the chance to show up for audiences and add value to their lives.”

Zeny Shifferaw, Global Content Partnerships, Inclusion, Pinterest

“I was pleasantly surprised by the number of strategies that leveraged new technologies like AI and AR to deliver more accessible products and campaigns. New technologies are helping to bring access to audiences who’ve been historically overlooked in creative and engaging ways. This will continue to show up in the industry as advertisers understand that opening the aperture and breaking out of our echo chamber enhances opportunity to reach more engaged audiences.”

NJ Falk, Managing Partner, APL

“Overt and underlying creative themes were deeply focused on community building by taking engagement to new levels via highly innovative campaigns. Numerous brands utilized humor in delightful new ways to bring a sense of joy and emotion to the messaging or contrasted that approach by delivering an often raw, authenticate look behind the scenes or in front of the camera with brutally honest commentary. The result was a reflection of how our current culture is shaping how brands are significantly changing the the way they are connecting with audiences. Culture is driving the change and brands are responding. The result is a greater sense of virtual belonging coupled with truly memorable brand moments that not only felt singular and personal but generated a sense of belonging. The future is community.”

Daniel Barak, VP, Global Executive Creative Director, R/GA

“In today’s digital landscape, social has evolved from a connectivity platform to a dynamic space for business growth and social impact. Two of the most impactful strategies driving this growth for both small businesses and nonprofits is authenticity and the ability to react in real time. Consumers crave genuine connections, and brands that humanize their communication foster trust and loyalty. Additionally, the power of transparent storytelling can’t be understated. Brands and nonprofits that effectively weave these strategies into their content and social activations create emotional resonance, driving engagement and inspiring action.

This shift towards authentic, purpose-driven marketing is reshaping advertising culture by prioritizing meaningful interactions over hard-selling tactics and noise-like messaging, emphasizing social consciousness and transparency. Looking ahead, advancements in technology will likely enhance personalization and user experiences, but human connection will remain paramount, ensuring social media continues to influence behavior and shape societal values.”

Theme 4: Indie Disruptors Electrifying Audio

Ashley Flowers, Founder & CCO, audiochuck

“When reviewing these entries, I was struck by the consistent creativity I see from indie podcasters. Their consistent innovation and willingness to reimagine what the medium could be always inspires me. I was particularly impressed by the high production quality of this year’s entrants.”

Lauren Passell, Founder, Tink Media

“It wasn’t that long ago that when you said ‘podcast’ the first things that came to mind was ‘dudes talking.’ (Also maybe ‘mom’s basement’ and/or ‘about movies.’) The podcasts that thrill me are proving that we’re evolving—I saw so many queer, BIPOC, women-hosted shows this year and in the space in general. That is not only exciting, it’s powerful and gives me hope.”

Theme 5: UX Becomes Limitless 

Michael Janiak, Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, Pattern

“The bar continues to get higher with new thinking, new tech and new paradigms colliding to open up brand new opportunities for original thinking and creativity. I’m loving how things that were previously “off limits” in spaces like eCommerce and product design are now being pushed in cool new directions, and enjoyed seeing some of the world-class examples of that modern & magic combination of great UX, great visual UI, great content and motion/interaction building into amazing digital narratives.”

Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director, Stellar Development Foundation

“Judging the Webby’s reminded me why I was drawn to a career in technology and the web. The entrants showed us just how creative and innovative you can be with a global open platform like the internet. UX is crucial to the success and usage of any product offering and I saw some amazing submissions that integrated art, artificial intelligence and real world needs in a way that appeared seamless. They are shaping our future direction and I am grateful to have seen it firsthand.”

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