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Webby Favorites for Your Valentine’s Day Inspiration

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we're showcasing nearly 20 years of videos, advertising, apps, and more that focus on love.

 From finding love or expressing your love, practicing self-love or watching odes to love, The Webby Awards has seen great campaigns and projects about romance, l’amourel amoramore…you get the picture. Of all the incredible love- themed moments we’ve seen over the years, the most memorable, however, is Dick Bushman’s 5-Word speech: “Erna, will you marry me?”


This Valentine’s Day, take a look at Webby-winning work that is all about that thing called love.

Get ready to have your heart melt. These Webby Winning videos are sonnets to love in its myriad forms.

What unites these three love-themed websites? The very Hailee Steinfeld idea of loving one’s self. Loving others starts with self-respect and self-expression.

Some of the best Interactive Advertising & Media campaigns will make you feel all the feelings. These Webby Winners make us want to adopt a puppy, buy a coffee, eat some chocolate and take pictures with bae all at once.

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On social media, if you love something, let the world know. So, if you love bacon let the world know. If you’re a French hedgehog in love with a sponge, (please) let the world know. Online, where you can adopt the next pet in your life or share your poetry, love is boundless.

Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn, Webby way. Be sure to follow us across social and hopefully, we’ll connect out there in the Interwebs.

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