28th Annual Webby Awards April 23, 2024

Meet the 28th Annual Special Achievement Winners

From business and tech disruptors, to audio vanguards and culture-shapers, the 2024 Webby Special Achievement Winners are the minds leading innovation and creativity online.

Every year, we recognize a special set of the Internet’s top creators, technologists and artists as Webby Special Achievement Winners. The 2024 class of honorees represents the Internet’s best, uniquely using digital to break news, be in community and foster a platform to highlight untold stories. From Webby Lifetime Achievement Winner Kara Swisher, the electric voice shaking up business and tech, to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who carved a space for women to share essential life lessons across generations—the 2024 Webby Special Achievement Winners made major strides in redefining the Internet with limitless possibilities.

Meet our Winners below and see all the 2024 Webby Winners in the Winners Gallery + Index! And mark your calendars—all winners will be celebrated during the star-studded 28th Annual Webby Awards Show on May 13, hosted by Amber Ruffin! Follow @TheWebbyAwards across Instagram, X/Twitter, and YouTube to see the best of the internet.

Kara Swisher – Webby Lifetime Achievement

As one of the most recognized voices in technology, media and business, Kara Swisher holds an incomparable career as a veteran tech journalist covering a rapidly transforming industry. A masterful interviewer and moderator, Swisher has sat down with the most influential figures in technology and media, bringing their insights to a global audience in her podcast, “On with Kara Swisher.” Her work covering technology and the people who make it has shaped the industry and continues to inform the way it develops today. Her decades of reporting, interviews, editorial opinion and her most recent book, “Burn Book,” all mark how our rapidly changing industry has developed over the years and will help generations to come to understand the world they live in, how we got here and beyond.

As technology continues to have a monumental role in defining the world we live in, Swisher’s straight-talking insight and perspective is evermore important in helping us make sense of its impact on our daily lives. Alongside her work as a journalist, Swisher has constantly found new avenues to share her voice. As a digital pioneer, she has founded digital media companies and conferences like Recode and All Things D, and her early foray into audio has led to a series of extremely popular and heralded podcasts. Swisher’s legacy will serve as an inspiration for generations of journalists and tech entrepreneurs across the globe.

Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Webby Podcast of the Year 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has made an outstanding contribution to digital entertainment through her chart-topping, heartfelt, and hilarious podcast “Wiser Than Me.” She expanded her digital audience and forged meaningful connections—online and offline—through the invaluable conversations featured in every episode. With the podcast, which held the #1 spot on Apple Podcasts for an impressive 29 days straight, Ms. Louis-Dreyfus has created a remarkable platform for conversations with unforgettable women.

Icons like Fran Lebowitz, Isabel Allende, Carol Burnett, and more join her in these wildly entertaining and personal discussions. “Wiser Than Me” serves as a first-of-its-kind space for legendary and accomplished women to share their wisdom and experiences, fostering genuine and captivating dialogues. Louis-Dreyfus brings a unique dynamic to the audio space by recognizing the importance of hearing from women who have lived full lives and acknowledging the collective wisdom gained by the audience. Louis-Dreyfus has wholeheartedly embraced the internet as a platform for connecting generations through meaningful, funny, and important conversations. Listen to one of her latest episodes below, featuring Jane Fonda.

Keke Palmer – Webby Special Achievement

Standing out as a one-of-a-kind talent, Keke Palmer is a dynamic and influential presence both in the entertainment industry and online. From her early breakthrough in “Akeelah and the Bee” to her riveting performance in “NOPE,” Palmer’s career is a testament to her boundless creativity and artistic vision. Her recent award-winning hosting work on “Password” and a musical collaboration with Usher titled “Boyfriend,” showcases her versatile talent across various entertainment spheres (check it out below). Her latest album “Big Boss” also showcases her artistic versatility, blending genres and featuring insightful lyrics that have resonated with both audiences and critics alike.

Palmer’s podcast “Baby, This is Keke Palmer” highlights her skill in crafting engaging digital content. It combines personal stories, cultural commentary, and interviews, showcasing her diverse range of talents. In addition to her art, Palmer’s advocacy for racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and her dedication to empowering Black communities underscore her significant impact. The launch of KeyTV, her digital television network, and her collaboration with McDonald’s USA for the Black & Positively Golden Change Leaders Program, highlights her commitment to nurturing the next generation of young, Black leaders and artists.

Shannon Sharpe – Webby Advocate of the Year 

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) and the NAACP are recognizing Shannon Sharpe as the 2024 Webby Advocate of the Year, in celebration of his significant impact in sports commentary, advocacy for racial equality, education, and health, along with his distinguished career as a former professional football player, television personality, and successful podcast host. His podcast, “Club Shay Shay,” has been a tremendous success, providing a platform to discuss important cultural, social, and sports-related topics. In a notable episode, Sharpe and former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis discussed the power of athletes to effect social change, exemplifying Sharpe’s dedication to advocacy and meaningful dialogue on his platform.

Sharpe has also been particularly vocal in raising awareness for prostate cancer and the importance of early detection, especially among Black men who are at higher risk. Through his advocacy, he has used his platform to educate and encourage his audience to prioritize health screenings and proactive healthcare. His advocacy extends beyond health, utilizing his considerable following and digital presence to promote community programs and youth education. Watch the instant-viral interview he did with Katt Williams below.

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