Judges Spotlight September 30, 2019

Meet the IADAS Judging Fellows

The 24th Annual Webby Awards is excited to launch the IADAS Fellows Program, a group of International Academy Members from around the world. Learn more and meet the new IADAS Fellows below.

At The Webby Awards, we truly believe the more diverse our Academy is, the better and more representative our Winners are.

As part of our mission that our judging Academy be as diverse as the entries we receive, this year The Webbys is excited to introduce the IADAS Fellows Program: a group of International Academy Members from around the world who will be working to build a diverse community of judges in their local markets through networking events and more.

We are delighted to welcome this esteemed group of leaders from around the world to the Academy. Meet the IADAS Judging Fellows and read their bios below!

Meet the IADAS Judging Fellows

The 24th Annual Webby Awards is excited to launch the IADAS Fellows Program, a group of International Academy Members from around the world. Learn more and meet the new IADAS Fellows below.

Kika Douglas-Castroviejo, Creative Director, ACHTUNG! (Amsterdam)

Kika Douglas-Castroviejo is an international creative director with a background in psychology born in Texas and raised in Galicia, northern Spain. As Creative Director at ACHTUNG! Amsterdam, her work focuses on finding the sweet point between culture and brands, helping companies create a positive impact and have an empowering role in society.

For +15 years across 3 three continents, she has partnered with market leaders such as Nike Women, Adidas Originals, Volkswagen, Diesel, The Coca Cola Company, AT&T, The North Face, P&G, etc. to create wild wonder with relevant and internationally acclaimed work. She’s passionate about language in any expression, poetry, underground movements, and deserts.

Kim Nieuwenhuijs-Griffioen, Creative Director, CODE D’AZUR (Netherlands)

Kim Nieuwenhuijs-Griffioen is creative director at digital brand and experience company CODE D’AZUR. Having worked in the advertising business for more than 18 years, she loves to combine technology and design to create communication concepts and services for brands like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, ABN AMRO Bank and mobile telecom provider Tele2. Her mission is to enrich their lives with useful concepts that inspire and services that people are willing to use.

Kim has several years of judging experience as judge at the Art Director’s Club Netherlands for the category digital & social, the Eurobest Interactive, Digital Craft & Mobile Jury, and the SpinAwards jury Design and User Experience. She confesses: “I’ve reached the age of 40 now, but I’m certainly not out-of-data yet.”

Sandra Schilling, Creative Director, Aperto (Berlin)

Sandra Schilling leads an interdisciplinary creative team at Aperto IBM iX in Berlin. She has extensive experience in communication across all channels.

Her strength is developing and managing brands, including brand communications, advertising campaigns, and content formats within the digital world. She also has expertise in ideation and creation of 360° campaigns, business vision,and digital product/service activation, social media content creation, and supervising video and film production.

In her spare time, Sandra particularly enjoys working on calligraphy and is proud to have her work in the calligraphy collection of the Akademie der Künste museum in Berlin.

Tadamasa Iguchi, CEO, Founder & Creative Director, IN FOCUS Inc. (Tokyo)

Born in Japan, Tadamasa Iguchi started to learn design by himself. After working as a manager at club in Tokyo, he worked in a design agency, then moved to the United States in 2007. There, he worked as a web intern in a San Francisco-based company, btrax Inc. After moving back to Japan, Tadamasa started to work as a web director and photographer for the web magazine Qetic. In 2012, he founded IN FOCUS Inc.

IN FOCUS Inc. is a design studio in Tokyo centered on the fields required for digital content, such as web, graphic design, video, and photography. The company crosses those fields from many aspects to carry out production focusing on the intent of the client.

Sara Bellafesta, Creative Designer, Åkestam Holst/The North Alliance (Stockholm)

Sara Bellafesta is a Creative Designer at Åkestam Holst/The North Alliance, where she is head of the design department. Åkestam Holst is the number one agency of Sweden, one of the top independent agencies of Europe, and was awarded International Agency of The Year 2017 by Adweek.

Sara’s interest for the digital world was born with a little hand held Texas Instruments hangman game in the 1980s, and quickly grew through the fantastic little Nintendo Game & Watch games that came after. (She still loves them!)

She was the first among her friends and family to own a computer (at a hideous cost!) and was for many years teaching women about the basics of hardware and software, helping them to develop both their tech skills and tech interest. A few years later Sara was a driving force of She Creatives, a Swedish network for women in advertising. She feels educating others is both important and fun, so she also gives lectures at Berghs School of Advertising in Stockholm.

Miriam Plon, AKQA, Strategy Director (Denmark)

Miriam Plon is Strategy Director at AKQA Denmark and heads up brand and campaign strategy across AKQA Europe. In this role, Miriam leads the team in setting the strategic vision for brands as well as uncovering the insights driving creative work and creating connections between brands and consumers.

With 15+ years of professional experience working with brand strategy, Miriam has developed a deep understanding of the relationship between consumers and brands. She has become a strong advocate for a more inclusive definition of brand purpose, and for agencies assuming a greater responsibility in making brands a force for good.


Danielle Turner, Producer, Velvet Pumpkin Productions (Vancouver)

Danielle Turner has a reputation for not being your typical storyteller. She is a multi-award-winning videographer and film editor who has always believed that a successful motion picture, short or long, includes an interesting story and a great rhythm. This is a medium Danielle has been involved with all her adult life; first as an actress and then as a video producer and editor. 

With a strong curiosity and an ability to innovate, Danielle is a proven leader in this industry; from the start of her creative visions to taking those visions to completion; working on all kinds of projects with directors, governments and businesses.