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22nd Annual Webby Awards September 13, 2017

Meet the Newest Webby Judges

The Webby Awards is judged by 2,000+ of the world's most brilliant minds in the International Academic of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). This year, we've added several more experts to our roster.

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, or IADAS, was founded in 1998 to drive the creative, technical, and professional progress of the Internet and evolving forms of interactive media. Members of IADAS judge Webby entries across their area of expertise, allowing fresh work to be reviewed by the sharpest eyes in the industry.

This year, to best judge new categories across Games, Podcasts, Film & Video, Branded Content, and more, we’ve recruited several additional Academy members to review work entered into The Webbys. Get to know some of them below, and see the full member body at

Meet the Newest Webby Judges

The Webby Awards is judged by 2,000+ of the world's most brilliant minds in the International Academic of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). This year, we've added several more experts to our roster.

Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon Web Services

As CTO of Amazon Web Services, Vogels leads a team at the forefront of tech and automation, online shopping, and more.

Vogels has played a central part in developing Amazon’s cloud technology service, providing a digital infrastructure to more than 1 million customers operating in 190 countries.

Fun fact: In his spare time, Vogels runs the tech blog All Things Distributed.

Kathy Tu, Co-Host, The Nancy Podcast

The Nancy Podcast is WNYC’s new podcast discussing pressing LGBTQ issues and identity exploration. And new IADAS Judge Kathy Tu‘s  brave work with Nancy ranges from anecdotes on coming out to reflections one year after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, and beyond.

Tu has also produced stories for Masterpiece Studio and Radiolab. Through her work, she’s created a space for nuanced queer lives to be the center of honest conversations.

Fun fact: Tu met her Nancy co-host, Tobin Low, at a radio training program in Cape Cod.

Van Jones, CNN Commentator

A political commentator for CNN, author, and advocate, Van Jones proved himself an invaluable resource during the 2016 election, and thereafter—using the hashtag #LoveArmy to encourage unity across partisan lines. He is also the founder of The Dream Corps, a nonprofit focused on addressing mass incarceration and building a green economy for impoverished communities.

Jones was the recipient of a 2017 Webby Special Achievement Award.

Fun fact: His Webby 5-Word Speech: “Enough red. Enough blue. Purple.”

Anne Munition, Gamer

A world-class livestreaming gamer on, Anne Munition‘s channel provides over 200K fans with game series highlights and fascinating content. She also served as a 2017 TwitchCon panelist, taking her influence and passion for games beyond the screen.

Munition is a role model and activist for diversity in gaming. She advocates for women, gamers of color, and the LGBTQ community.

Fun fact: Munition has seven tattoos, the first of which she had done at 18 years old.

John Hanke, CEO, Niantic

As Founder & CEO of Niantic, the software development company that created the Webby-Winning mobile game Pokemon Go, John Hanke is one of the world’s leaders in mobile gaming. His leadership was pivotal in the success of Pokemon Go, which broke $1 billion in global revenue.

At Niantic, he’s also launched successful apps, including Ingress and Field Trip. Previously, he lead the Google Geo Team, which created Google Earth.

Fun fact: Hanke has a questionably healthy obsession with maps.

Alice Taylor, Director, StudioLab, Walt Disney Studio

Alice Taylor is the Director of StudioLab at Walt Disney Studio, and founder of MakieLab, a London-based startup that makes 3D printed dolls. An entrepreneur, Taylor is an expert across emerging tech, media, games, and consumer products. Previously, she led BBC Digital Team’s endeavors across new media and tech.

Fun fact: Taylor speaks four languages: English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Logan Green, CEO, Lyft

Green is the CEO and mastermind behind Lyft, the ride-sharing app that swept across the U.S. and is available in 40 states. Green’s vision has brought ethical business practices to tech leadership; in 2017, Lyft drivers received $200 million in tips. A public transportation advocate, Green served on Santa Barbara’s Metropolitan Transit District board.

Fun fact: Green makes ride sharing his lifestyle by carpooling to work with his wife or catching a Lyft every day.