Judges Spotlight October 12, 2022

Molly Schoneveld: Founder & CEO, The Storied Group

Molly Schoneveld, Founder and CEO of the LA based luxury PR firm  The Storied Group, helps her clients unlock their true potential. Specialising in celebrities, interior designers, and hotels, The Storied Group has a proven track record of success, with clients having won Oscars, landed the cover of Forbes, and sold New York Times bestselling books. This season, Molly brings her expertise and insight to The Webby Awards as an IADAS Executive Judge. Read our interview with her to find out what inspires her and what work she is excited to see in this years Webby Awards.


For those who don’t know, tell us a little about your background.

I began my career in Hollywood working under producer Brian Grazer and was then recruited to powerhouse entertainment PR firm PMK representing A list talent, directors and producers. In 2008, I started my own firm, The Storied Group, with a focus on lifestyle, design and entertainment. 

What particular expertise are you bringing to the Academy?

I was the publicist for a web series creator in 2009 before it was mainstream. Back then we were really flying by the seat of our pants in the digital world. I still work with top creators who have won Webby awards, as well as one of the top talent agencies for digital creators. 

What are you most looking forward to about reviewing this year’s Webby Awards entries?

As a kid, I used to tear out magazine ads that I thought were super cool. I would rewatch Hallmark commercials like they were scheduled programming!  I later realized what I was really drawn to was impactful storytelling. That hasn’t changed, and I am just so excited and honored to get to review such creativity and talent. 

What creative work on the Internet has recently inspired you, and why? 

I recently fell down a rabbit hole on Communication Coach Alex Lyon’s YouTube channel. I had to prepare for a  public speaking event, and while he’s really great at giving tips for that, I couldn’t stop watching the videos where he reacts to celebrity apologies and interviews! He breaks down his thoughts on the Will Smith apology, a Tom Cruise interview and even a long ago interview with Dolly Parton and Barbara Walters where you realize what an absolute pro Dolly is. Does this make me a huge dork? Probably! *Continues to try to think of a cooler answer.

What emerging technology or trend do you think will have the greatest impact on the creative industry?

The fashion and luxury market (Gucci, etc) moving into the Metaverse will have a major impact on the creative industry because they are going to be the first ones to integrate their brands and show how to make money in the virtual world.

A 5-word speech is the hallmark of The Webby Awards. What is something that you’d like to reimagine in only five words?

Elon buys Twitter wait no


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