Meet The Nominees April 15, 2016

The Best Music Content, Platforms & Experiences

Our Nominees in Music this year span Online Film & Video, Websites and Mobile Sites & Apps—representing some of the most groundbreaking, thumping and illuminating sonic experiences on the Internet.


Best Music Website: Congrats to Inside Abbey Road on their Win! Kudos to Spotify – Year in Music 2015 on their Webby People’s Voice victory!

Best Music in Online Film & Video: Congrats to The Distortion of Sound on their Win! Kudos to Epic Rap Battles of History on their Webby People’s Voice victory!

Best Music Video: Congrats to The Weeknd on their Win! Kudos to Lil Dicky on their Webby People’s Voice victory!

Best Music Channel: Congrats to YouTube Music Awards 2015 for Winning The Webby & Webby People’s Voice awards!

Best Music Mobile Sites & Apps: Congrats to Shazam for Winning The Webby & Webby People’s Voice awards!


The Nominees for Best Music Website are a battle between music legends Beyoncé and Inside Abbey Road (read: The Beatles), premier digital magazine Pitchfork, top streaming service Spotify & triple j Hottest 100, an estimable force from down under, all of whom are contending for your vote this year:

These Nominees in Online Film & Video for music—Epic Rap Battles, Inside The Session, Noisey Atlanta, The Distortion Of Sound & Crumpled Ball Music Series—represent a cross section of music’s global reach as well as its varied emotional arcs: humorous, investigative, experimental, viral and documentary. Whatever it’s shape, you know great Internet when you see it.

Music videos are the pulse and rhythm of the online musical experience. Nominees Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Lil Dicky, The Weeknd & FKA Twigs illustrate how the form itself has grown in its craft; often feeling as if audiences were viewing short films rather than the staid videos from back in the day. As it is, the quality of these Nominated Music Videos are cinematic, adding wondrous visuals to incredible songs.

Live Nation, Noisey, Over/Under, SoundBites & YouTube, these Nominees for Music with the best Video Channels and Networks have got the juice, which means you’re subscribed, getting notifications, up on every new post, video and click-to-stream link. They’re basically a bookend to your life; a reservoir for fresh new beats. Vote for your favorite below:

With mobile’s manifold possibilities—on the go, accessible whenever and at anytime—you’ve always got music with you. The Nominees include a multitude of experiences—Inside Abbey Road, KCRW VR, Madeon, Shazam & SoundCloud. These Nominated music apps and sites are ready for a spin at the touch of your finger.

Music is critical to our digital experience as a learning tool, entertainment, creative expression & as a way to connect with others with similar tastes. 2016’s class of Webby Nominees are indicative of music’s various applications and potential: Which is music to our ears.

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