December 3, 2019

S6 EP 11: Contextualizing the Web with Glitch’s Anil Dash

The way I made my career and all of my friends and met my wife and made my life, was by building the web. It opened every door for me.”
— Anil Dash, CEO Glitch

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Early Web pioneer Anil Dash has been a strong voice championing the core values of the Web since practically as long as it has existed. Along the way, he was an early executive at Movable Type, an adviser to the Obama Whitehouse’s Office of Digital Strategy, and adviser to companies like Medium and Donor’s Choose. Today Anil is the CEO of Glitch, a company that makes it easy to make apps, bots, art and all sorts of digital experiences, all within the Web browser, alongside a community of millions of other supportive creators. And if you know Anil, you know we also had to talk about Prince, and his Webby 5 Word Speech, Everything you think, is true. As a real Prince nerd, he helps us fill in some of the gaps of what Prince meant with those five words

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