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5-Word Speeches That Clapped Back 👏👏

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Dive into the #5WordSpeech moments that were laced with just enough “zing” in their comebacks to put haters, doubters, and perpetrators of injustice in their place.

The Internet is home to a lot of great things. And, not so great things: hate speech, biased algorithms, trolls, the 45th president, and more.

And what better place to put all of those nuisances on notice than on the Webby stage?

As crusaders for a fair and better Internet, Webby Winners have often used their 5-Word Speeches to call out those whose actions impede on the rights of others—or just, well, suck.

Below are some of the best #5WordSpeechmoments that clapped back at worthy opponents.

Haven’t gotten enough? Check out all of the best 5-Word Speeches from the 22nd Annual Webby Awards and years past at 

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