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Webby Podcast January 17, 2023

S10 EP8: Emma Lembke

We’re joined by Emma Lembke, who founded LOG OFF, a global movement to help youth re-examine their relationship to social media, and insert Gen Z’s voice in discussions around responsible technology.



In this episode of The Webby Podcast, we sat down with Emma Lembke, founder of the LOG OFF Movement. After noticing social media’s negative impact on her mental health, Emma decided to research if others in her generation shared similar experiences. What she discovered inspired her to found the LOG OFF Movement in 2020. The movement encourages young people to re-examine their relationship with social media, and calls for better regulation in the tech industry. 

During the conversation, Webby Podcast host David-Michel Davies and Emma talk about the early days of her social media use before taking a step back, why the LOG OFF movement is rooted in mindfulness, and how Gen Z can be included in recent discourse surrounding responsible technology. Listen now.


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Emma and the LOG OFF movement were featured in the 2023 Webby Trend Report: Never Niche Enough!