LISTEN: Webby Podcast January 9, 2018

S2 EP 11: Martha Lane Fox, Founder & Executive Chair, DotEveryone

Dot-com boom pioneer and founder of Doteveryone Martha Lane Fox joins us to discuss the early days of Internet enterprise, and how she's fighting for a fairer digital society, in the UK and abroad. 

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When was founded in 1998, it successfully tackled one of early Internet startups’ greatest issues: convincing customers to purchase goods online. As an e-commerce platform—and premier website to purchase cheap travel tickets, it carved out a business model that’s used by many online marketplaces today—from travel and leisure, to fashion and freelance labor. Now, Last Minute co-founder Martha Lane Fox has set out to create a fairer Internet that benefits all users with her nonprofit Doteveryone.

Lane Fox joins Webby Podcast host David-Michel Davies for a great conversation on entrepreneurship during the early days of the Internet, her work to combat gender and algorithmic bias with Doteveryone, and its push to create sensible tech policy.

Our battle wasn’t about whether or not people should use, it was whether or not they should actually use the Internet.””
— Martha Lane Fox Founder, Doteveryone

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