LISTEN: Webby Podcast November 21, 2017

S2 EP 5: Internet Archive

We chat with Brewster Kahle, Alexis Rossi, and Tracey Jaquith of the Internet Archive on the importance of maintaining a record of the online world, and how their team is doing just that. 

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Setting out to build the World’s second Library of Alexandria may seem like a lofty goal, but the Internet Archive is already on its way to meet its goal- by archiving over 20 Terabytes of books, essays, music, film and more per day.

Our host David-Michel Davies is joined by Brewster KahleAlexis Rossi, and Tracey Jacquith of the Webby Lifetime Achievement Award-winning Internet Archive for a great conversation on all that goes into building the world’s greatest digital library.

Maintaining that idea of provenance in the digital archive is incredibly important for us to figure out where that thing came from, and who might have had access to it over time.”
— Brewster Kahle Founder, Internet Archive

Internet Archive at The 21st Webby Awards

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