LISTEN: Webby Podcast November 28, 2017

S2 EP 6: Jane Metcalfe, Founder of Neo.Life

Longtime tech journalist and co-founder of WIRED Magazine Jane Metcalfe sits down to discuss the rise of the neobiological revolution, and how she's reporting from its front lines with her new publication Neo Life.

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Since WIRED Magazine hit newsstands in 1993, it has pioneered the way we think about technology – complicating discussions about the Internet by exploring its impact on politics and culture. Now WIRED co-founder Jane Metcalfe is tackling how the neobiological revolution will impact the next generation through her new publication: Neo.Life.

Metcalfe sits down with our Webby Podcast host David-Michel Davies to discuss the benefits of biotechnology, concerns surrounding the security of genomic data, and how we can edit genomes craft a brighter future for humanit.

It really is about the future of our species. We happen to be here at this extraordinary point in time where you can literally edit the human germ line.”
— Jane Metcalfe Founder, Neo Life

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