LISTEN: Webby Podcast December 5, 2017

S2 EP 7: Aaron Koblin, Co-Founder and CTO, WITHIN

Renowned artist and technologist Aaron Koblin dives into the world of immersive storytelling, and how he and his team at WITHIN are shaping the future of human connection through virtual reality.

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As a multi-Webby-winning data artist and technologist, Aaron Koblin has created some of the Internet’s most notable projects, from Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown music video to The Sheep Market. Now, he and co-founder Chris Milk are crafting incredible, story-driven immersive experiences at WITHIN, a virtual and augmented-reality company.

Aaron joins us to discuss the power and potential of immersive storytelling, his past projects, and how he is shaping the future of storytelling and human connection through his art.

I actually find VR to be incredibly refreshing, in that I stand up, I use my body, I move around in ways that are way more human and natural than I have interfaced with computers for the past several decades.”
— Aaron Koblin Co-founder and CTO, WITHIN

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