News and Announcements January 2, 2024

Nick Borenstein Named new General Manager of The Webby Awards

Nick Borenstein has been named new General Manager of The Webby Awards! Borenstein, an award-winning producer, filmmaker and content executive will lead strategic development, partnerships and industry relations to continue the Webbys’ mission of honoring excellence online.

Borenstein joins the Webby Awards following roles at Topic Studios, Hud:sun Media, Participant Media and Brumor Films, which he founded. Throughout his extensive career, Borenstein has produced original content, including the Emmy-nominated series AKA WYATT CENAC, Webby Award-winning podcast MISSING RICHARD SIMMONS, and collaborations with filmmakers Sharon Horgan and Robert Kirkman. We spoke to Nick about what fuels his passion for digital creativity, and his vision for the Webby Awards.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to The Webby Awards! Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Thank you; I’m thrilled to be here! As a producer and creative executive, I’ve developed film, television, and digital content for companies such as Participant Media, Hud:sun Media, and Topic Studios. My career has always revolved around nurturing, collaborating with, and celebrating creators both online and offline.

During my time at Topic Studios, I developed numerous award-winning series, films, and podcasts. Leading the scripted commissioning team for Topic’s streaming platform laid the foundation for my next venture, Brumor Films—a production company dedicated to my directing and producing pursuits. With Brumor, I also established a consulting arm, collaborating with clients such as the Australian Screen Forum, the Consulate General of Canada, and The Gotham Film & Media Institute to support creative development, production, industry engagement, and artist support programs. It’s a dream to bring my passion for celebrating makers and their work to the Webby Awards, the ultimate celebration of digital creative excellence.

What fuels your passion and drive for digital creativity?

It has never been easier to create thoughtful, engaging, and high-quality creative work on the Internet, and I find that incredibly exciting. Countless tools, partners, and distribution channels for storytelling can breathe new life into the creative process and invite new storytellers to enter the market. Smaller, international films can now reach Netflix’s 247.2 million subscribers. Impactful, self-produced podcasts can be sustainably made and immediately delivered to a global audience. Brands and creators can leverage AI to explore new ways to scale their creativity. Best of all, fewer barriers for entry in creating online content welcome new, often underrepresented voices to the space. It’s a golden age for creativity, and it’s happening online.

I understand the rigor of making creative work and supporting it throughout its lifecycle.”
— Nick Borenstein General Manager, The Webby Awards

What expertise are you bringing to The Webbys?

I’ve been fortunate to have produced or been associated with several Webby Awards-recognized projects throughout my career, including Dan Taberski’s MISSING RICHARD SIMMONS, Wyatt Cenac’s AKA WYATT CENAC, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HITRECORD. I understand the rigor of making creative work and supporting it throughout its lifecycle. Having witnessed firsthand the major impact that a Webby Award can have on a project, I’m thrilled to advocate on its behalf and scour the internet (and world!) for the next wave of excellent online work.

What do you believe will define the digital industry in 2024?

In the spirit of the Webby 5-word speech: “AI is here to stay.”

What are some digital projects that you’re obsessed with right now? What are you watching, playing or listening to?

I love Pop Pantheon, a podcast hosted by DJ Louie XIV, devoted to deep dives and cultural critiques on pop music. I can’t get enough of Shay Latukolan’s choreography on TikTok – I highly recommend watching it in action on Jungle’s visual album, ‘Volcano.’ Recently, I’ve delved into Casey Lewis’ Substack, ‘After School‘ – now my go-to resource for Gen Z insights and trends.

What are you excited to see in the 28th Annual Webby Awards?

I’m genuinely excited to witness the dynamic showcase of online creativity and innovation at the 28th Annual Webby Awards. With the introduction of new categories in B2B Marketing, AI, and Podcasts, we’re certain to see majorly exciting developments, recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements in these evolving fields. And, of course, it wouldn’t be The Webby Awards without the 5-Word Speeches—something I’m looking forward to witnessing at the show.


Connect with Nick Borenstein on LinkedIn, and learn more about new categories featured in the 28th Annual Webby Awards. The Extended Entry Deadline to enter is Friday February 9th submit your work today!