Judges Spotlight September 27, 2022

Noha Rizk: Digital Integration and eCommerce Expert

Noha Rizk, one of our latest IADAS Executive Judges, sat down with us to discuss her long tenure in tech, her hopes for the future of the digital sphere, and the innovations she’s most excited to witness.

Noha Rizk is a longtime veteran of the internet and a maven in refining user experiences on digital platforms across various industries. She has worked extensively in helping businesses use digital technology for their–and their customers’–benefit. Rizk has amassed a 27-year-long career of finding ways to redefine the way we interact with businesses online. 

As someone that’s seen the rise of the internet itself, Rizk is bringing ample experience in cultivating digital commerce solutions to The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) as one of our judges for the 27th Annual Webby Awards. 

As she told us, “Building innovative, impactful customer experiences online is the privilege of being the generation that saw it happen from its early inception in the 90’s.” 

What has Rizk been up to?

Rizk is Meta AI’s Global Director of Marketing and continues to reevaluate our relationship with technology in her work. At present, she’s working on creating “smarter tools to help computers understand us and help us get better at developing our superpower as humans which are solving hard problems.”

In her vast career, she has worked continuously in making digital marketing seamlessly integrated into a business’s way of getting things done. Specifically, Rizk has worked on launching online banking in the 90s and streamlining travel through refining online booking portals. She has also spearheaded the creation of various digital marketing and e-commerce products, such as Instagram Reels, Facebook Pay, Facebook Shops, and Live Shopping. 

Rizk has also been exploring the true meaning of responsible technology and what it would look like once it’s applied in the real world. She believes that since technology has been one of the most influential industries in modern times, there is room for it to play a major role in bettering our world–even though she doesn’t think it’s played that role just yet. 

“Technology’s hope–for as long as I have been involved, has been about democratizing access to information, opportunities, connections, ideas, impact,” Rizk said while discussing what it’s going to take for technology to hold true to what we’re expecting of it. “It has yet to show the real scale of this potential.”

Innovations in tech Rizk is keeping an eye out for 

While tech’s full potential is still yet to be fully realized, she is excited about two things: the ongoing push that there is to keep on further improving tech and the seamless integration of tech into our daily lives. 

To Rizk, working towards reaching technology’s potential means pursuing digital solutions to real-world problems that we face. This can range from making data and digital tools more accessible to communities that historically have not been able to reach them before, all the way to increasing the number of languages that are represented across the internet, as well as to using technological innovation to create medical solutions. 

As for the integration of tech, she’s most excited about finding a way to merge the massive amounts of information that’s stored in our compact mobile devices with the day-to-day, outside-of-the-screen realm. 

“I’m extremely excited about the shift from isolated tech spaces to tech being a more seamless and less intrusive part of our life,” she said. “… from screens being a separate space that gets in the way often of our surroundings and our ability to engage with them, to making sure the information and tools we have all locked up in little devices be part of our seamless daily experience instead.” 


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