Overwrite Tomorrow: An Exercise to Build a Better Future

The brightest minds in the industry consider the future of the Internet

Avatars meeting in newly-drawn worlds. A brief lull of a Zoom link connecting. The faint rustle of groceries left at a doorstep.

These have been familiar scenes for nearly a year, as the pandemic forced many aspects of our lives online. In the absence of in-person gatherings, the Internet became the main mechanism to maintain relationships, continue as an office worker, care for oneself and community, educate students, and find new ways to create new worlds inside, as life dramatically changed outside.

To celebrate the 25th Annual Webby Awards and coincide with Overwrite Tomorrow, our virtual event series, we asked a few people across our community to come together and consider the future of the Internet. In 12 months, the pandemic accelerated both the Internet and innovations that were already taking place in society. It also exposed severe cracks in our institutions, and who is allowed access to them. This moment is calling on all of us to take the lessons learned, new online tools built and stop, augment them, and use them to start creating a future that is more accessible, equitable, and inclusive for everyone in society. We asked leaders across disciplines, including YouGov’s Tamara Alesi, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler, The Daily Beast’s Molly Jong-Fast, WP Engine’s Eric Jones, and more to respond to this year’s most pressing question:

What do we need to overwrite in 2021 to build a better future?

Note: Clicking a headshot will take you to a contributor’s submission. This is an exercise in how we Overwrite Tomorrow.

Overwrite Tomorrow Contributors

"It's Up To Us"
By Claire Graves
Executive Director, The Webby Awards

"Overwrite The Media"
By Molly Jong-Fast
Editor At Large, The Daily Beast

"Overwrite Big Tech’s Colonization of Culture"
By Nikhil Shah
Co-Founder & Board Advisor, MixCloud

"Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again?"
By George Carey-Simos
Co-Founder & COO, We Are Social Media

"Creativity on Pause: Are We in a New Era of Practicality?"
By Tamara Alesi
Head of Agency & Media Sector, Americas, YouGov

"Overwrite the Urge to Overwrite"
By Ben Wikler
Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

"Overwrite the Urge to Say You're Fine"
By Lauren Maffeo, Civic Tech Service Designer, Steampunk

"Equitable Access to the New Digital World"
By Eric Jones, VP of Corporate Marketing, WP Engine

Overwrite Event Series

Catch up on the full Overwrite Tomorrow virtual event series. Our community comes together to consider the future of the Internet, across various topics and industries. See the series to watch conversations with Secretary Julián Castro, NYU Professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway, Crooked Media’s Political Director Shaniqua McClendon, Color Of Change President Rashad Robinson, CEO and Founder of MasterClass David Rogier, CEO and Co-Founder of Teach For All Wendy Kopp, and more.

Events are focused around the findings in this year’s Webby Trend Report “Overwrite Tomorrow: How the global pandemic created an indispensable Internet, and ignited the urgency to build a better future.”