Celebrating the 25th Annual Webby Awards January 15, 2021

The Webby Community Answers: Overwrite Tomorrow

The brightest minds in the industry to discuss the future of the Internet

TO CELEBRATE THE 25TH ANNUAL WEBBY AWARDS, and coincide with our Overwrite Tomorrow virtual events and campaign, we have launched an accompanying editorial series. While this year marks our 25th anniversary, it also marks a time of rapid change. The Internet has accelerated to become the tool that holds us together, while shedding light on systems and processes in dire need of change.

Since March 2020, we have witnessed phenomenal innovation around the world—from the creation of new platforms and virtual experiences to products that meet real world needs to digital art carving a new path forward. The impact of this moment on both our industry and society is enormous.

WE CALLED ON some of the brightest thought leaders, artists, founders, writers, and creatives across the Internet to answer what is possibly the most pressing question of this moment:

“What do we need to overwrite to build a better future?”

See below for a diverse range of projects interpreting the question, from Ben Wikler, Chair of Wisconsin’s Democratic Party, and more. Follow @thewebbyawards on social to see the full story.

Ben Wikler, Webby Awards Judge & Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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