Winner Stories September 9, 2019

Q&A: Making Podcast History with Mueller, She Wrote

"Mueller, She Wrote," took home a 2019 Webby People's Voice Award in News & Politics (Podcasts). Learn how this independent project got started and tips from the team on creating successful podcasts.

If you like your Trump-Russia news best served up by three brilliant and hilarious women on a podcast, then you are probably already a fan of Mueller, She Wrote.

You wouldn’t be alone: Mueller, She Wrote won the 2019 Webby People’s Voice Award for Podcasts in News & Politics!

We chatted with the team to learn more about the project, how it came about, and tips for other podcast creators.

Read our Q&A below with Allison Gill (best known as A.G.), Mueller, She Wrote Executive Producer and Co-Host—and catch up on the podcast here if you’ve missed out!

Mueller She Wrote podcast team
Mueller, She Wrote Team (L-R): Co-Host Jordan Coburn, Exec. Producer/Co-Host A.G., Co-Host Jalessa Johnson.

1. How did you decide to make this podcast? Why was it important to tell this story from not just a female perspective, but a comedic one?

Back in 2017 after Mueller was appointed, I saw a documentary called All The President’s Men Revisited about Watergate and thought, “In 30 years, they’re going to be making documentaries on the Mueller investigation, and I want to be part of that,” so I called two female comic friends and said “let’s make a podcast!”

Our first episode was that week, just as Manafort and Gates were indicted. I chose women because I feel as though women have a unique perspective on justice; I believe we approach it – generally – in a more compassionate and sympathetic way; not to mention that justice and liberty are both portrayed as women, and I think there’s good reason for that!

2. What is it like to sustain a weekly podcast on this subject? What goes into preparing each episode?

It’s a lot of work, especially since we started our daily news podcast called The Daily Beans. I spend most of my day writing and consuming news, though it’s very therapeutic to take such a complex subject and deliver it to people in digestible pieces. Adding humor was also important to help prevent fatigue and keep folks engaged in the news.

3. What is something you have learned about the process of making podcasts that you want to share with fellow or aspiring podcasters?

I would say the best thing you can do is be kind. Aside from that, and more on the business end, find a gap in the market and fill it. When we started, there wasn’t anywhere to get all the Mueller news, and certainly not from women’s perspectives. Being first to market or creating a niche was important to our success. Finally, have a positive message!

4. What are your current go-to non-Mueller sources of lightness, entertainment, or joy on the Internet?

Emergency Kittens has gotten me through a lot of dark days. Thanks to Asha Rangappa for introducing me to it.

5. Mueller, She Wrote, won the Webby People’s Voice Award for News & Politics in Podcasts this year. Congratulations! What did this win mean for the team?

This win was so unexpected, especially considering the incredible competition we were up against. The Webby Award has definitely given us a sense of legitimacy and belonging. Celebrating at the ceremony was one of the most rewarding things I’ve had the privilege of participating in!

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