June 3, 2020

Resources In Defense of Black Lives

Over the next few days and weeks we will be sharing a series of resources focused on the movement for black lives.

The Webby Awards stands in solidarity with Black Americans affected by police brutality and systemic racism, and all those who want to see change now. The Internet can at times foment hate and racism, but it is also a powerful accelerator of positive social change when wielded by Black communities and activists, as well as their allies. Part of our mission at The Webby Awards is recognizing the power of the Internet as a tool to unite people, spread important information, and call attention to injustices.  

Over the next few days and weeks, we’ll be using our platform to shine a light on parts of the Internet that aid in the fight against white supremacy and systemic violence against Black people. Resources include actions that those in the Webby community are taking right now, educational links, and work that our community has created to address these very issues. We’re creating a repository of intersectional information, to challenge and educate ourselves, and be better allies, not just today but for the long haul.

This page includes resources on:
Police Brutality
Funding Black Futures

Donate: To take immediate action, here is a Linktree with multiple organizations that need financial support.  

Tweet us or message us on Instagram @TheWebbyAwards if you have more resources and voices that should be highlighted. We will work to amplify them across our channels.

– Resources on Police Brutality – 

If You Are Demonstrating:

How to Assist Demonstrators: 

Education on Police Brutality: 

Support Organizations Fighting Police Brutality: 

– Resources on Anti-Racism – 

How to Be a Better Ally:

Media on the Black Experience in America: 

Resources for Parents & Family: 

Support Organizations Tackling Racial Injustice: 

– Resources to Fund Black Futures- 

Follow Black Creators:

Buy From Black-Owned Businesses:

Support Black Voters: 

Voices to Follow: 

Ways to Heal / Aid Healing: