Webby Podcast September 27, 2022

S10 E1: LeVar Burton, Actor, Podcaster & TV Host

Actor, podcaster, TV host, children’s literacy advocate, and Webby Award winner LeVar Burton joins us as we kick off Season 10 of The Webby Podcast.


LeVar Burton has been an icon of Hollywood for many years. He has embodied iconic roles in a genre-bending career spanning from the 1997 miniseries Roots as Kunta Kinte to the 1987 TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation as Geordi La Forge. 

He’s used his platform to teach everyone about the power of reading through his work on the celebrated TV show Reading Rainbow–which ran for 23 years. His continued passion for reading got awarded in 2022 as he was the Webby Winner for Arts & Culture for his podcast, LeVar Burton Reads. He has also made sure to criticize the recent wave of banning books from being taught in high schools. 

Burton joined Host David-Michel Davies for the opening of Season 10 by talking about his vast acting experiences, his award-winning podcast and what ignited his interest in joining Reading Rainbow, as well as his take on the controversy of banning books.