LISTEN: Webby Podcast May 1, 2018

S3 EP 5: Anna Sale, Host of Death, Sex & Money

From her listener-sourced episode on cheating to society's strained relationship with money, Death, Sex & Money host Anna Sale discusses how she examines taboo topics in the latest episode of the Webby Podcast.

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With a straightforward approach and emotional inquiry, Anna Sale bluntly addresses how society’s most taboo subjects—from debt to infidelity–affect our humanity, both online and off, in the Webby-Winning podcast Death, Sex & Money.

She joins our Webby Podcast host David-Michel Davies for a great discussion on what political moment inspired the podcast (cough, Anthony Weiner), bringing listener stories to the program’s forefront, empowerment nested in the dark corners of the Internet, and much more.

Listen to this episode and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When your mission is to say, I’m going to share this place of vulnerability because it might create connection, there’s a different attitude towards openness.”
— Anna Sale Host of Death, Sex & Money

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