LISTEN: Webby Podcast September 24, 2018

S4 EP1: Say Hi to My Internet Haters with Dylan Marron

"Conversations with People Who Hate Me" host Dylan Marron stops by to explain how social media encourages our ugliest impulses, how Lady Gaga's YouTube channel inspired his work, and more.
The social justice issue that I’m most interested in now is communication.”
— Dylan Marron Host of "Conversations with People Who Hate Me"

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Spend an hour with Dylan Marron and it’ll be hard to imagine anyone disliking him. Yet, some people on the Internet do (or dislike their perception of him) and make it very known.

Dylan leans into that fact, and actually engages with his haters on the phone, on his Webby-winning podcast Conversations with People Who Hate Me.

For our Season 4 kick-off episode of the Webby Podcast, Dylan stops by the studio to talk about his show, why certain social platforms are perfect for hate speech, and how the path to meaningful change starts with honest, empathetic conversations.