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Webby Podcast May 4, 2022

S9 EP 3: Hans Jørgen Wiberg, Be My Eyes

Hans Jørgen Wiberg is the founder of the Be My Eyes App, which connects blind and low-vision users with full sighted volunteers to help with daily tasks. He joins us to talk about the app's origin story, and more.


They say that necessity is the mother of innovation. There are a long list of products, services and technological innovations that started as ideas because someone needed them to exist. Our next guest, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, and his invention share a similar story. 

He joins us on The Webby Podcast to talk about the Be My Eyes app. In 2015, he launched the app to help blind and low-vision people like him with daily tasks, like reading instructions for cooking pasta, locating the salt in their kitchen, and more.

Host David-Michel Davies and Hans talk about the origin story of the app, how they connect their surplus of volunteers to users in need of help, and their new employment initiative to get blind and low-vision people hired.