Sponsor Highlight March 9, 2015


Shocase joins us to present our  Live Like A Winner Sweepstakes — your chance to win a trip to join us at the 19th Annual Webby Awards this May.

Looking to get in with the right crowd? Shocase is a first-of-its-kind social network that lets you display your best work and build a reputation among the industry’s best. It integrates the best features of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube to create a powerful, unified experience that connects professionals from all marketing disciplines.

The digital world evolves quickly, and Shocase enables its members to stay on top of the latest news and trends while building relationships that will ultimately grow their business.

Until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated, vertical network for the world’s 100+ million marketers to display their work and be discovered by those who need their expertise.”
— Ron Young Founder and CEO, Shocase

Shocase is so much more than a social network—it also functions as a crowd-sourced archive and an easy and elegant online portfolio. The feature that is most unique is the seamless ability for users to display their best work and credit their team. Adding team members increases visibility and adds credibility to past work.

Shocase is a place to discover and be discovered. Connect with Webby Academy members like Mike Geiger, David Droga, Jason Harris, and John Jay. If you’re looking for inspiration, the discover feature makes it very easy to find awesome work done by great people. And it connects people and brands looking to find the right marketing team to make their goals a reality.

If your goal is to join us one day at The Webby Awards ceremony in New York City, Shocase is also helping to make that a reality. Enter our Live Like A Winner Sweepstakes before April 6, 2015.

Though entries are closed—Watch the 20th Annual Webby Awards on and all the highlights now!