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The 5G For Change

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that life needs some hacking. So for the first time in the history of The Webby Awards, we invite you to the 5G for Change Hackathon. There’s no shortage of things that need to be fixed. 5G is an invaluable tool in that pursuit—speed, access, and real-world change for the better.

Build something for change. Win a Webby and $50,000.

Entries are now closed.

Presented By:Verizon

Team FramePerfect Crowned Winner of the 5G for Change Hackathon

The team of four was announced as the winner of the 5G for Change Hackathon, presented by Verizon! See their moment at the 26th Annual Webby Awards, and learn about their project to combat illegal logging in Guyana's forests.

Team FramePerfect accepted the 5G for Change Webby Award, presented by Verizon’s Chief Creative Officer Andrew McKechnie, for their project tackling illegal logging in Guyana’s rainforests, using 5G and AI-powered sound monitoring devices! Watch their moment at the 26th Annual Webby Awards.

Andrew Garnett and Shomari Williams of the FramePerfect team accepted the award on stage. Their 5-Word Speech was, “Nothing changes by doing nothing.”

Learn more about their award-winning project.

Pitch Topic: Deforestation + A.I. Sound Monitoring Device

More than 80% of the land area in Guyana comprises forests, making them one of the country—and the world’s greatest assets. However, illegal logging is impacting Guyana’s forests and is responsible for 30% of co2 carbon emissions that come from clearing.

Maintaining the country’s biodiversity is a large focus for not only Guyana’s leadership, but also its residents. Born and raised in Guyana, the FramePerfect team came together at the University of Guyana to propose a solution, and mitigate illegal logging and the ease with which individuals can “easily bypass government regulations through bribery.” 

Their solution was to create a “comprehensive monitoring system that streams audio to dispatch drones to see what is happening in the forest.” Team FramePerfect wants to attach AI-powered listening devices into trees throughout the forest, and inform drone devices when logging activity is taking place. They have a vision of using the drones to inform rangers of when illegal logging takes place—logging that hasn’t been approved. 

The FramePerfect team plans to use 5G and its latency to deploy drones, and stay in constant communication with rangers. 

Shomari Williams and Andrew Garrett winning the 5G for Change Hackathon at the 26th Annual Webby Awards.

About the Team

As a team of four, the FramePerfect members came together while attending the University of Guyana over their shared love for computer science. Together, they founded Unity GY, a non-profit organization that “leverages technology to narrow the education gap in Guyana.” Members include:

Shomari Williams, who is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Technology and Development, while working full time. 

Malik Williams, who is an Information Communication Technology Engineer, and has worked with the Lands and Survey Commission of Guyana. 

Andrew Garnett, who is a huge proponent of information communication technology for development, and recently presented a project to modernize X-ray analysis in hospitals. 

Jun Leung, who comes from one of Guyana’s hinterlands regions, and is passionate about the issue of deforestation.  

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