Webby Rankings December 3, 2019

The 2019 Webby Industry Index

The inaugural Webby Industry index showcases the top-performing companies amongst the most-represented industries at the 23rd Annual Webby Awards, and ranks them by companies with the most Webby honors.

At The Webby Awards, we honor the best companies making work at the cutting edge of the digital world. Webby Winners represent the top performers across a wide range of fields and industries—from top tech companies, to production companies working with high-profile brands, to global agencies charting their own paths.

To showcase the companies creating the highest caliber of work across their industries, we’ve created the inaugural Webby Industry Index.* It’s a data-based project highlighting the companies with the most Webby-recognized projects across all categories in the 23rd Annual Webby Awards (2019). Companies are separated by their respective industries.

Chart Explainer: Each chart below showcases the wins/nominations/honors a company received.

Additional Note: We’ve highlighted one piece of work created by each of the Webby-honored organizations below, however to see the full breadth of their projects, check out all their work in Webby Winners Gallery.

The 2019 Webby Industry Index

The inaugural Webby Industry index showcases the top-performing companies amongst the most-represented industries at the 23rd Annual Webby Awards, and ranks them by companies with the most Webby honors.

Top-Honored Media Companies

The top-honored media companies at the 23rd Annual Webby Awards represent those creating the most boundary pushing content in the era of streaming, and all video on the go. From global powerhouses like Disney to companies leading subcultures like VICE, these 5 media companies are leading the pack.

1. Disney | Lucasfilm’s The Star Wars Show (Social – Television & Film)

2. VICE | How to Become TripAdvisor’s #1 Fake Restaurant (Video – Reality)

3. Warner Media | Gorillaz – #FreeMurdoc chatbot (Voice – Games)

4. Condé Nast | John Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place’s Lantern Scene | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair (Video – Variety)

5. NBC Universal | Forensic Detective – Inside the Crime Scene (Games – Use of AR)

Top-Honored Brands

Global brands that are dominating the digital space with creative work, have a tight hold on the advertising and marketing industries. From audio streaming companies like Spotify to powerhouses like Google, here are the top 5 from the 23rd Annual Webby Awards

1. Google | New York Times: Using AI to Host Better Conversations (Advertising – Media & Entertainment) 

2. Spotify | Tha Carter III Anniversary (Social – Celebrity/Fan)

3. Facebook | Purple Boys (Advertising – Data Driven Media)

4. Sephora | Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community (Social – How-To)

5. Wistia | One, Ten, One-Hundred (Video – Series)

Top-Honored Agencies

Anyone, and any company, can win a Webby Award. However, every year the best advertising agencies around the world make a big impact at The Webbys. From companies like the 2019 Webby Agency of the Year Wieden + Kennedy, to TBWAMedia Arts Lab, and more, these agencies are leaders in creating digital work across the advertising industry—integrated campaigns, branded video, social, etc. See the top five below and see some of their Webby-honored work.

1. Wieden + Kennedy | Colonel Sanders Cat Climber (Video – Branded Entertainment)

2. BBDO New York | Monica Lewinsky – #DefyTheName (Advertising – Influencer)

3. TBWAMedia Arts Lab | Apple – Share Your Gifts  (Video – Craft)

4. McCann New York | Price on Our Lives (Advertising – Media)

5. R/GA | Samsung x Fortnite: The Galaxy Skins (Advertising – Mobile Campaigns)

Top-Honored Games

In today’s games market, it can be hard to stand out. Those who do are crafting the year’s most intricate, eye-catching, and well-designed gaming experiences. See below for the top 5 games creators at the 23rd Annual Webby Awards, and some of their work.

1. System Era Softworks | Astroneer (Best User Experience)

2. Ninja Theory | Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (Games – Art Direction)

3. Annapurna Interactive | Florence (Games – Game Design)

4. AMC Networks | The Terror 360 Experience: Inside the Ship (Video – VR)

5. Scopely Star Trek Fleet Command| (Games – Technical Achievement)

Top-Honored Production Companies

As digital video moves to the forefront of many industries—from social to advertising to marketing, these production companies are crafting Webby Award-winning video. See below for the companies that made this year’s most experimental and high-quality video projects.

1. MediaMonks | School of Sustainability (Websites – Use of Video)

2. Tool | The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Carnegie Deli Pop-Up (Advertising – PR)

3. Magnopus LLC | Coco VR (Video – VR)

4. Black Dot Films | Polar Obsession (Video – VR)  

5. Final Cut | Justin (Video – Best Editing)

Top-Honored Podcasts

At The Webbys we firmly believe 2018 was “the year of podcasts,” and our second year honoring the media type proved that. From top publishers producing podcasts like Slate Magazine to on-demand services like Stitcher, check out the podcasters who dominated the 23rd Annual Webby Awards.

1. PRX | Everything is Alive (Podcasts – Interview)

2. Wondery | Dr. Death (Podcasts – Individual Episode)

3. Serial Productions | Serial Season 3 (Podcasts – Writing)

4. Slate Magazine | Slow Burn Season 2 (Podcasts – Series)

5. WNYC | The Long Distance Con (Podcasts – Crime & Justice)