Webby Rankings November 29, 2021

The 2021 Webby International Index

Meet the top non US-based companies in key countries honored at the hallmark 25th Annual Webby Awards.

Since 1997, The Webby Awards has been recognized as the premiere international honor for Internet excellence. Annually, The Webby Awards reviews work entered from over 70 countries. While Europe and Australia over-index in the competition, Japan, Russia and Qatar are growing markets, with a number of high-caliber projects entered into The Webby Awards. As such, we know firsthand that the most innovative digital work is being made by teams around the world, from tech companies building new products for a connected world, to creative teams that have merged new technologies with compelling storytelling and strategic thinking. It has become abundantly clear that the future of the Internet belongs to teams who are pushing the bounds of their imaginations and digital technologies to inspire, connect and improve the world.

The top companies featured in our 2021 Webby International Index represent the teams that are doing just that. 

HOW IT WORKS: Our index showcases which countries—outside of the United States—produced the most Webby-recognized projects across all categories in the 25th Annual Webby Awards. It also highlights the top-performing companies in each respective country, accompanied with insights about the work and industries they represent. *Countries are listed with the highest-performing countries, and representative companies, top to bottom. Webby Wins are weighed more heavily in calculations.*


  • The Netherlands represents the most awarded market outside of the US, followed by The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Denmark. 
  • While Europe, North America, and Australia over-index in the competition, Japan, Russia and Qatar did really well this year, with a number of high-caliber projects entered into The Webby Awards.
  • Across the international index, the majority of high-performing work was produced by digital agencies, production companies and studios.

Best of The Netherlands 


  • The Netherlands was the top performing market in the 25th Annual Webby Awards, with 31.2% of entered work from the country receiving recognition in the competition. A reminder: Only 15% of all entered work in The Webby Awards is honored.
  • The majority of recognized projects were produced by Dutch creative agencies, digital production companies and studios.
  • Dutch agencies like 72andSunny Amsterdam, similar to Swedish and Danish agencies, often perform across Craft categories in The Webby Awards.
  • Dutch companies honored in the index are making work with new technologies, including Studio Regale, MediaMonks, and Superheroes.


1. MediaMonks Netherlands 

The digital production company describes themselves as The Webbys’ production partner of the year meets hundreds of ex-Google data experts. Last year, MediaMonks led the competition in The Netherlands with digital experiences that engage avid fans and focus on social good, like with The Queen and The Crown and Frontier Development Lab projects. View the work below. 

  • DARK2021 Winner, Best User Experience
  • The Uncensored Library 2021 Winner, Public Service, Activism and Social Impact, Nominee, Public Service & Activism in Virtual & Remote, Honoree, Best Cause Related Campaign

2. Dept Amsterdam

Dept is a full-service digital agency. Its Amsterdam headquarters performed well in the competition, with recognition across its multiple capabilities, namely concept and design, media strategy, immersive experiences and more. View the honored work below.

3. 72andSunny Amsterdam

72andSunny is a full-service advertising and design company. They believe that “unignorable” creativity is the most powerful force of business in an attention economy. Last year, their Amsterdam team performed well in our craft categories across Video and Advertising. View the honored work below.

4. Superheroes 

SuperHeroes is a digitally born and raised global ad agency that is saving the world from boring advertising. Living up to their name, their honored projects leverage social media platforms and live video to produce attention-grabbing experiences

  • Fire Up 20212021 People’s Voice Winner, Live Experiences

5. GRRR  (Two-Way Tie) 

GRRR is an agency for meaningful matters. They believe that the world can be cleaner, more inclusive and more honest. Their honored project focused on the climate crisis. See the work below.

  • The Ocean Cleanup2021 Winner & People’s Voice Winner, Sustainability & Environment Websites 

5. Studio Regale 

Studio Regale is an independent creative studio that combines context-driven design with an agnostic approach to technology to produce memorable experiences and regale audiences. They provide digital concept, strategy and production to help clients tackle challenges across new media landscapes. Last year, they were honored for their high-quality and immersive website.


Best of The United Kingdom


  • During the 25th Annual Webby Awards, nearly 25% of work entered from The United Kingdom received recognition in the competition. A reminder: Only 15% of all entered work in The Webby Awards is honored. 
  • The work honored from the United Kingdom represents a breadth of industries, including mobile apps, software and product, advertising, and podcasting.  


1. iCandi Apps Ltd.

Indie studio iCandi Apps Ltd is passionate about designing and producing magical apps and products that enable you to interpret the universe in a whole new way. Its popular astronomy app performs well every year at The Webby Awards. View the honored work below.

  • Night Sky2021 Winner & People’s Voice Winner, Best Use of Augmented Reality, Winner, Technical Achievement, and People’s Voice Winner, Best User Interface

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships. Last year, their in-house creative focused on creating high-quality, branded editorial content. View the honored work below.

  • Thank You Machine2021 Winner & People’s Voice Winner, Best Mobile User Interface, and Nominee, Best Art Direction

3. AMV BBDO (Three-Way Tie)

AMV BBDO is an agency where creativity and effectiveness come together. They were honored last year for their animated campaign to destigmatize women’s health. View the honored work below.

  • #wombstories2021 Winner, Animation in Video, and Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics in Advertising, Nominee, Video Ad Longform, and Nominee, Short Form Video

3. Dope Black

What started as a Whatsapp group of 23 fathers grew into a social led community organization designed to improve the outcomes of black people globally through education and therapy. One of the groups they serve are Black fathers and expecting fathers, with their award-winning podcast. See the honored work below. 

3. Hi Mum! Said Dad

Hi Mum! Said Dad is a digital product and innovation consultancy based in Hoxton, London. They’re known for creating impact through UI, UX and tech products. They were honored for their audio-based choose-your-own-adventure game. See their honored work below. 


Best of Australia


  • During the 25th Annual Webby Awards, 15.8% of work entered from Australia received recognition in the competition. A reminder: Only 15% of all entered work in The Webby Awards is honored.
  • Australia’s digital agencies continue to outperform larger markets with creative work spanning integrated campaigns, websites, and more. 
  • Last year, Carter Digital led the competition with two wins for its experience marketing and website for the Australian Grand Prix. 
  • Other Australian agencies, including Josephmark and The Monkeys focused on providing creative solutions for at-home audiences to care for themselves.
  • Josephmark is the only company featured in the International Index to have earned recognition in our inaugural Software Service & Platforms categories.  


1. Carter Digital

As one of Australia’s largest independent experience design agencies, its team focuses on finding solutions to transform the way customers interact with businesses in a rapidly changing world. View the honored work below. 

2. The Monkeys 

A creative agency based in Sydney, Australia, The Monkeys create provocative ideas that live within advertising, entertainment and technology. Last year, they rallied their efforts to help seniors suffering from isolation and young people struggling to cook for themselves. View the honored work below.

3. Josephmark  (Two-Way Tie)

Josephmark is a global venture studio that specializes in design. They believe that their legacy will be work that drives genuine value and inspires massive change. Last year they were honored for their products and virtual experience to promote sexual health. See the honored work below.

  • Klyk2021 Nominee, Event Management in Software Services & Platforms

3. Thinkerbell 

The independent Australian agency has extensive experience in the worlds of research and data, strategy and creative execution. Their recognized work leveraged machine learning to help conservation practices for local bees. View the honored work below.

  • The Purple Hive Project2021 People’s Voice Winner, Machine Learning and Bots, and Nominee, Experimental & Innovation

4. Digitas Australia 

Digitas Australia is a connected marketing agency. They blend creative, data, media, strategy, and technology to uncover and act on the truths that help brands better connect with people. View the honored work below.

  • Live From Aus2021 Honoree, Real-Time Response and Best Use of Social Media


Best of Canada


  • During the 25th Annual Webby Awards, 22.5% of work entered from Canada received recognition during the competition. A reminder: Only 15% of all entered work in The Webby Awards is honored.
  • From the work that is recognized by our Academy we can see that Canada has an exceptional video and film production industry. Work entered in the 25th Annual Webby Awards reflected their industries’ growing desire for interactive and immersive video.
  • Felix and Paul studios created a really great immersive experience that won in two of our inaugural virtual & remote categories


1. National Film Board 

The NFB is Canada’s public producer and distributor. They have a growing collection of works that include creative documentaries, animation, interactive stories and participatory experiences. Honors in last year’s Webby Awards represent their diverse portfolio of work, including interactive and experimental films.

  • Perfumed Dreaming2021 Honoree, Art & Experimental, Culture & Lifestyle, and Documentary: Shortform

2. Felix & Paul Studios 

They are an award-winning creator of immersive and entertainment experiences, creating unparalleled, highly engaging and inspired virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality experiences for audiences worldwide. Last year, they doubled down on their capability to create a four-part series filmed in space. See the honored work below. 

3. Sinking Ship Entertainment (Three-Way Tie)

Sinking Ship Entertainment is a globally renowned and industry leading Production, Distribution, VFX and Interactive studio specializing in children’s and family content. See their honored series, which was born during the early days of the pandemic.

  • Lockdown2021 Winner, Science & Education 

3. Sid Lee 

Sid Lee is a multidisciplinary global creative agency of brand builders recognized for designing culture-driven communications and experiences. Their Toronto team was honored last year for their in-game activation to inspire civic participation.

  • Build the Vote – 2021 People’s Voice Winner, Online Guerrilla & Innovation

3. Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP)

As the only brand to make the International Index, the Canadian manufacturer specializes in snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and personal watercraft. They were honored for their snowmobile navigation app.

  • BRP GO!2021 People’s Voice Winner, Connected Products & Wearables


Best of Russia


  • During the 25th Annual Webby Awards, nearly 19% of work entered from Russia received recognition in the competition. A reminder: Only 15% of all entered work in The Webby Awards is honored. 
  • Russia’s high-performing work continues to reflect teams’ use of emerging technologies to confront pressing societal issues and educate the masses on critical moments inRussian history. 



1. RT Creative Lab

As an award-winning digital in-house team, RT Creative Lab believes in the power of good stories. Their team’s mission is to experiment with digital storytelling formats, to innovate in approaching complex historical subjects for younger people to inspire them to learn. Their honors in last year’s Webby Awards represent their use of social and new technologies to tell important stories. See the honored work below.

2. Gigarama

Gigarama is a creativity laboratory made up of like minds who once were carried away by the idea of telling stories with all sorts of web and multimedia technologies. They work with interactive techniques including photogrammetry, video 360, FPV-drone shooting, and many others. See their honored work below, dedicated to the beautification of Moscow and more.

  • Sing, My District – 2021 People’s Voice Winner, Best Use of Video or Moving Image

3. Mozga Studio

Mozga Studio is a creative agency and production company. They produce commercials and films to make the world a better place, through the creation of unique products that push the boundaries of the possible and achieve the most ambitious goals. See their honored project below.

4. Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

MIBYA is a large-scale project and contemporary visual art exhibition that focuses on the work of artists and curators under the age of 35. It aims to bring together new artistic initiatives from Russia and the world by supporting the creative development of young artists for interested audiences. Last year, it won the People’s Voice Award for its digital exhibition of emerging artists and writers that confronts the absurd, dissociation and estrangement through a sociopolitical lens. 

5. BBDO Moscow

Founded in 1989, BBDO Moscow is one of the top agencies in the BBDO Worldwide network. Their expertise covers communication strategies and creative concepts development, and executions for all communication channels and consumer touchpoints (both online and offline). See their honored work below.

  • Birds Records – 2021 Nominee, Best Use of Earned Media, and Best Original Music

Best of Sweden


  • During the 25th Annual Webby Awards, 21% of all work entered from Sweden received recognition in the competition. A reminder: Only 15% of all entered work in The Webby Awards is honored.
  • Creative agencies continue to represent the majority of Sweden’s high-performing work, and continue to outperform larger markets. 
  • This year, projects included experimental websites, event activations that targeted cultural moments, and executions that incorporate humor.
  • Resolution Games represents the only game creator to be featured in this year’s International Index, for Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs.


1. Animal 

Born in the digital age, Animal is a creative agency that builds strategies and tells stories together with the brands that are shaping our future. Last year, they were honored for designing Spotify’s employment website. View the honored work below.

2. Nord DDB

The advertising and marketing network’s Scandinavian office has one goal: Breaking brands into pop culture by being open to fresh perspectives, different personalities, collaboration, cultural change, new tech and new thinking. They were honored last year for their clever activation and branded content. View the honored work below.

  • VAR Discount2021 Winner, Media & Entertainment, and Nominee, Best Event Activation
  • McDo2021 Nominee, Branded Content

3. Stendahls

A creative, strategic and digital innovation agency in Gothenburg, Sweden, Stendahls, don’t really see themselves as an ad agency – their business is innovation. When the pandemic hit, they turned to a virtual experience when the pandemic cancelled the Göteborg Film Festival. View the honored work below.

4. Plan8

Founded in 2018, Plan8 designs music and sound for brands, products, films and experiences. They operate in the intersection of audio, emerging technologies, advertising and art. Their projects are fusing design and music. View the honored work below.

  • JazzKeys2021 Nominee, Weird in Websites

5. Resolution Games 

Resolution Games is a games studio based in Stockholm and led by some of the top minds in the industry, forging a world-class catalog of titles that brings players into the richest VR and AR worlds possible. They are the only games company to make this year’s International Index, with their VR games. View the honored work below.


Best of Denmark


  • While Denmark is one of the smallest market ranked in the index, 27% of work entered from the country received recognition during the 25th Annual Webby Awards. A reminder: Only 15% of all entered work in The Webby Awards is honored. 
  • In 2021 digital agencies continue to drive the success of Danish companies that participate in The Webby Awards.
  • Among the top-performing work from Denmark, many projects included website builds for brands, as well as art and education institutions.
  • Additionally, Hjaltelin Stahl demonstrated their robust strategy capabilities, with projects like The Big Danish Bacon Pre-Roll. 


1. 1508 A/S 

1508 A/S is a strategic design company that creates digital experiences, lovable brands and sustainable businesses. Last year they were recognized for a high-quality website build for a Danish art institution. View the honored work below.

  • SMK Open2021 Winner, Best Navigation/Structure 2021, and Honoree, Cultural Institutions

2. Space10 |  Dept Copenhagen (Two-Way Tie) 

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet. Their recognized project explores how emerging technologies are impacting the way we live. View the honored work below.

2. Dept Copenhagen 

The full-service digital agency’s Copenhagen office was recognized in the 25th Annual Webby Awards for designing a Scandinavian furniture retailer’s website. View the honored work below. 

3. Hello Monday

Hello Monday is a creative studio in Copenhagen, Aarhus and New York that handcrafts digital (and magical) products, brands, and experiences. They were also honored for high-caliber website builts for art and education institutions. View the honored work below.

  • – 2021 Honoree, Technical Achievement

4. Hjaltelin Stahl

Hjaltelin Stahl is a Danish creative agency that creates unique and consistent cross-media experiences for its clients. Last year, their work centered on bringing to life their strong strategy capability. View the honored work below.

5. Yellow Umwelt

They are a premium agency based in Copenhagen that is recognized for their conceptual and digital skillset. Their project The Biggest Change received recognition across our technical categories for websites. View the honored work below.

  • The Biggest Change2021 Nominee Best Mobile User Experience, Best Mobile User Interface, and Best Use of Video or Moving Image


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